• Palace, CBCP, rights activists gang up on Davao mayor


    Malacañang, bishops and human rights activists were outraged by the statement of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that he would “gladly” kill Davidson Bangayan if he saw him smuggling rice in his province.

    “If this guy would go to Davao and starts to unload (smuggled rice)… I will gladly kill him,” Duterte, nicknamed “The Punisher,” told the Senate on Monday.

    The Palace reminded the mayor to follow the rule of law while the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) said people sin “in thought, in words and in deeds.”

    “Killing a person is against the law. The President has been firm in the belief that no one is above the law. We must not resort to extralegal methods,” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said a day after the Davao mayor tagged Bangayan, who is also believed to be David Tan, as the center of rice smuggling in the country.

    Human rights activists also warned that Duterte’s threat fuelled the country’s infamous culture of impunity.

    Rights activists said the mayor’s comments reinforced a culture of injustice.

    “His statement, made in the halls of an institution that makes laws, encourages this culture of impunity,” Commission on Human Rights Chairman Loretta Ann Rosales said.

    Rosales said her office will attempt to instigate a criminal charge of “issuing grave threats” against Duterte, which is punishable by up to six months in jail.

    But a prosecutor would have to agree to file the charge, and then the case would likely take many years to complete in the overwhelmed  court system.

    Duterte, 69, is loved by many of his constituents in Davao City, who say that his relentless anti-crime crusade has cleaned the city of major criminal gangs.

    But groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have reported over the years that hundreds of petty criminals, including children, have been summarily executed by the so-called “Davao Death Squads” linked to local officials.

    Duterte has denied being involved in them, but Human Rights Watch said in a 2009 report that he had openly supported them.

    Carlos Conde, the Philippine researcher for the New York-based Human Rights Watch, said Tuesday that Duterte’s latest comments showed him to be an “incorrigible human rights violator”.

    “He cannot be allowed to get away with these threats. Given his history in Davao, it would be foolish to dismiss all this as an empty threat.”

    It was not the first time that Malacañang reminded Duterte not to take the law into his own hands.

    In July last year, Duterte announced a shoot-to-kill order against criminals following a shootout with suspected kidnappers.

    Malacañang told the mayor that his shoot-to-kill order was illegal.

    The CBCP was also bothered by the mayor’s outburst at the Senate.

    CBCP President and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas said killing “is a violation to the commandments of the Lord.”
    He added that people commit sins “by thoughts, words and deeds.”

    Villegas urged the government to take action not only on rice smuggling, but to see to it that the rights of people accused of doing something illegal are not violated.

    “We all have the rights and so we should not suspend the rights of these accused persons for any reason,” he said.

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    1. Mga hypocrites sa gobyerno . Karamihan sa inyo mga magnanakaw. Kayo ang mga human rights violators. Ninanakaw ninyo ang kaban ng bayan. Imbes ibigay nyo serbisyo sa masa, binubulsa ninyo pera sa mga proyekto para sa ikakaunlad ng buhay ng karamihang Filipino. Kaya ng ballistics si Mayor Duterte sa Senado, na karamihan senatong kasabwat ni noy2, abad at drilon sa panunuhol. YAN ANG TUNAY NA HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATORS !

    2. Hayan na naman ang mga Padre Damaso. Nakikialam o nakikisawsaw na naman sila sa ganitong political issues ng ating bansa. Pati itong commission of Human Rigths, mga walang silbi, dapat sa inyo buwagin. Sayang lang ang ipinapasahod sa inyo. Rule of Law????? May rule of law pa ba sa bansa natin? Tumingin-tingin kayo sa paligid nyo. Nariyan ang Ampatuan Massacre, Vizconde Massacre, Pang nere-raped na maliliit at kaawa-awang mga bata, mga corrupt senators & congressmen, mga smugglers at marami pang iba. Nasaan ang batas natin? Hindi na ba kaya ng gobyerno natin na supilin ang mga lumalalang crimin sa bansa natin? Kayong mga taga CBCP, paano nyo ba sugpuinj ang lumalang crimen particularly na sa mga paranoid at mga pedophiles sa hanay ninyo? Mga taga CHR, puro imbestiga lang ba kayo? Puro dada lang ba kayo? poro pambabatikos lang ba kayo kay Mayor Duterte? Shame on you!!!!!

    3. Kailangan ntn ang kgy ny (mayor duterte) PR mlnsan ang mga salot sa lipunan n syang ngpphirap s taong byn… kung walang corrupt walng mhirap… iblik ang death penalty… CBCp LNG lg against.in.tgnn niyo sa ibng bnsa. takot ang mga pilipino n gumawa ng kalokohn.bkit? Pero sa sariling bansa HND makagawa ng tm.dhl mas mdling gwin ang manlmang sa kpwa.. tsk tsk tsk kww c Juan.

    4. From the few comments I read here, it’s shocking how many Filipinos seem to applaud the action of Duterte threatening to kill an alleged rice smuggler without due process. Never mind if the threat of Duterte is against God’s commandment “Thou shall not kill”, many Filipinos don’t seem to mind the violation of one’s human rights to a fair hearing and right to life. One commented that our justice is too slow, and she is right. Had she said our justice system is so corrupt, she is right too. But extra-judicial killing is done only in a lawless land, and it is not right.

      I am not surprised though why many had lost faith in our justice system where judges and prosecutors could be bought at a right price. The rich and powerful could commit crimes, cheat, steal and murder, yet majority of them don’t get punished. Only the poor criminals go to jail, the rich and powerful ones don’t.

      Who are to blame for Filipinos being so cynical about our laughable justice system in the Philippines? We should put the blame squarely on the millions of stupid voters who put these corrupt and incompetent politicians in power.

    5. how about the Rights of the poor farmers who are sufferings because of this ass—smugglers??? criminals are with no fear, doing business/crimes in Phils (drugs,killings&smuggling) but nobody is quick to think about the human rights of the families victim. CBCP looks like they want to emphasize that its ok to steal not to kill. stealing is okay wag ka lang pumatay. kaya lahat politicials ginagawa at okay lang sa pinas. only in the phils man !

    6. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Can these three [Palace/ Church & Rightists] actually compare the compliance with the laws inside Davao to the rest of the country? Can they actually compare the peace and quiet in Davao to the “piss” and quiet of the rest of the cities? This country needs a leader who knows how to respect and implement the law equally and makes it a point that everyone follows it. Maybe, if Metro Manila were run the same way as Davao, we wouldn’t be in this mess nor would we have thieving officials in office.

    7. Can’t blame Mayor Duterte for imitating the wisdom of the Pharisees of instantly condemning Jesus Christ to die on the cross by crucifixion because of blasphemy stipulated on Mosaic Law. But, this David Tan is obviously guilty of massive public sabotage due to rice smuggling, cheating and imagined illegal electricity tapping. He is a criminal for Christ’s sake! The problem with Human Rights Commission is that they are too quick to response in aid of the criminals.

    8. When it comes to respecting human rights issues, our country is decades behind other advanced countries. With Rodrigo Duterte who boasted he would kill Bangayan if he ever smuggles rice through Davao, Philippines will be no different from some poor African countries whose leaders could get people killed without any trial. This “killer” Mayor who has no respect for the rule of law should be locked-up so other like-minded macho public servants would not be emboldened to do Duterte’s heinous example. Suspected criminals should be given their days in court and not just extra-judicially rubbed out.

      But with a TWA (Talagang Walang Alam) BS Aquino at the helm and a paper tiger Leila de Lima heading an incompetent and corrupt Justice Department, Duterte will just get off this scandal Scot-free. Poor Philippines!

    9. It appears that criminals and crooks from the house have more rights than the ordinary man!

      The Human rights group is quick to come to the side of criminals but when ordinary people are killed, maimed or done some injustice, they are completely silent! Are they only after the exposure in media?

      • sometimes righteous guy commits verbal mistake due to those who close their eyes or really closed eyes knuckle head protector of the wicked who silently kill poor people.