Palace: ‘Daang matuwid’ still in


MALACAÑANG wished Sen. Grace Poe all the best as the Liberal Party’s “courtship” for her to run as Manuel Roxas 2nd’s running mate came to an end.

“We wish Sen. Grace Poe all the best,” Lacierda said in a text message to reporters.

According to the official, it was clear from her speech that Poe is espousing change while the administration advocates continuity of the reforms initiated by President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

“On the statement of Sen. Grace Poe that we do not have a monopoly on daang matuwid, what is clear is we’re running on the platform of Daang Matuwid or of continuity of the reforms President Aquino has undertaken. They are running on a campaign of Bagong Umaga or change,” Lacierda said.

He maintained, however, that the programs Poe mentioned have all been accomplished, if not being implemented, by the administration.

“All the aspirations that have been enunciated have been implemented or in the process of being implemented,” Lacierda pointed out.

Earlier in the day, he said the LP standard-bearer will present his own set of policies in future speeches, anchored on President Aquino’s line that the 2016 elections would be a “referendum” for daang matuwid.

“This is a very unique situation in our electoral history where every time there is an election everybody talks about change. This is the situation in our electoral history where we’re going to talk about continuity. Ipagpapatuloy ang ‘daang matuwid.’ Marami na po tayong nagawa,” Lacierda said.

Saying six years “is too short to continue all the reforms,” he argued that there is a need to “institutionalize” them.

“We are confident of our campaign platform. We are confident that the people, as they continue to see the benefits that they receive, the people will rely and trust the Daang Matuwid coalition and platform,” he added.

Roxas’ edge, Lacierda explained, would be the fact that the administration has “invested a good five years in bettering” the nation.

“We see no reason for the change in the perspective,” he told reporters, in apparent reference to Poe’s platform.

“The good economic policies have continued. We have done more than promoting good economic policies. We have also increased our poverty alleviation program,” the Palace said.

Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya, president of the Liberal Party (LP), meanwhile, said they will announce their vice presidential and senatorial candidates by September 28.

The LP has reportedly short-listed Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto and Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 4th as possible candidates for Vice President.

Abaya downplayed Poe’s declaration of independence from the ruling party, saying she is not a huge loss to the party.

David’s lament
Radio commentator Rizalito David, who filed a disqualication case against Poe, expressed his disappointment over the senator’s announcement of her candidacy for President.

“It is a shame if it is indeed true that Grace Poe Llamanzares will declare her run for the presidency later today. This act will certainly betray her true character,” David said.

“Not only is she an opportunist but more important she lacks the decency and ethics to at least wait for the resolution of her case at the Senate Electoral Tribunal as it has a bearing on whether she is eligible by constitutional requirements,” he added.

David said Poe should have waited for the resolution of his quo warranto petition against her.

PMPA criteria
The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) has urged the country’s estimated 53 million voters to choose a leader with proven competencies and leadership skills to steer the country in the next six years.

The PMAP, an organization of over 1,800 member companies, on Wednesday laid down five competency requirements, which it said the next president should possessed to successfully lead the nation to greater heights, namely: navigator, mobilizer, servant leader, inspiration and guardian of national wealth, patrimony and law and order.

“We want to reach out to the voters because the future of the country depends on our next leader” PMAP president Roberto Policarpio said.



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    The Daang Matuid , Aquino ‘s slogan (high schol slogan) is a deafening nonsense rhetoric. Roxas who does not have his own independent personality, is still mouthing the Aquino stupidity, so is Grace Poe and the rest of all YELLOW cronies. What kind of President Roxas would be? Grace Poe is a victim of delusional syndrome, falsely impacted ambition to reach her false political firmament.. This is highly dangerous because it will plunge the country into the dark ages of economic doldrum.. Voters don;t be mislead by their sweet sounding words of utopia. This is NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING to expect beyond the dark p-olitical horizon.

  2. Daang Matuwid is and was never a Daang Matuwid…It’s a joke. LP people always cringed when they say Daang Matuwid because they know it’s a big lie.

  3. Now they are trying to define daang matuwid as the LP’s own principle but the best example is the accomplishments of a political party that ruled this country for six years and with the best promise that they will continue with their daang, road or path wherever they will lead this country. Count me out on the plan because i don’t believe in your mantra but i believe in just getting the job done with excellence. No excuses, no short cuts plus no project delays.

    • What ‘da-ang matuwid’ are you talking about? You’re talking of a “selective and vindictive” path. Of course, as the adoptive daughter of a ‘hero and savior of the world’….in make-believe life , GPL is also living in fantasy of a ‘da-ng matuwid’ which is not real.