• Palace denies pressure for Corona impeachment


    While Malacañang on Monday confirmed that President Benigno Aquino 3rd met with Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. it denied his interfering in the impeachment trial of then chief justice Renato Corona.

    Speaking to reporters, Presidential Communications Secretary Hermnio Coloma Jr. explained that Aquino only met with Revilla to know about the groups pressuring senators.

    “The President met with Senator Revilla to verify persistent reports that the senators were being pressured by interest groups to influence the outcome of the impeachment trial, and he asked the senator to decide on the basis of its merits,” he said.

    “The senator said that he will do what is right and he voted to convict then Chief Justice Corona,” Coloma added.

    The Palace official also said that Aquino “deplores the unfair insinuation made by Senator Revilla against his sister, Maria Elena Aquino-Cruz, and her husband Eldon, despite the fact that the Czech ambassador has clearly stated that they are not in any way involved in the Metro Rail Transit project in which a Czech firm was interested.”

    On one hand, Coloma reiterated that the main issue is still how Revilla’s pork barrel was spent.

    “The main issue here is the proper use of public funds for which Senator Revilla is accountable. It is his duty to start explaining to our people how his PDAF allocation was actually spent,” he said.


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    1. ThunderousCloud on

      “Error in judgement” ika nga. Why would you need to send Revilla to the Palace, just to ask if it was true that some quarters are pressuring the chamber? Where’s the logic? And who is Revilla in the senate? Had it been the senate president called to the palace, there wouldn’t be any news. And why keep it a secret? The palace occupant has a lot of explaining to do. Errors after errors since day 1.

    2. Mahirap ng pagtiwalaan ang mga salita ni Boy Pick up at Boy Sisi, sinabi ni Pnoy na iaabolish niya ang PDAF na hindi naman pala niya kayang gawin, si Boy Picup naman ay hindi inamin ang mga sinabi niya kay Romualdez mabuti na lang at may complete version ang video tape kaya nakita ang tunay na pangyayari.Ngayon anman sasabihin nial na hindi nila piniressure si Bong na ilaglag si Corona, wala na silang credibilty para paniwalaan, mahirap paniwalaan na baka maimpluensiyahan si Bong para iabsuelto si Corona, napakalakas ng impluensiya ni Pnoy noon kaya mas makatotohanan ang sinasabi ni Bong na kinausap siya ni Pnoy para ilaglag si Corona.

    3. Now the “Cat is out of the Bag” – I will see/waiting what happens next.

      I honestly believed Senator Bong Revilla is telling the truth.

      If this is so, then Chief Justice Corona was removed from office very unfairly – should be reinstated.

    4. While CNoy through it’s spokesman Corona has already confirmed that the palace meeting, as alleged by Revilla took place however, Aquino was quick to deny that he pressured Revilla and according to Coloma, the following was what Aquino said:

      “He (CNoy. The Lord of the Pork) asked the senator to decide on the basis of its merits. The senator said that he will do what is right and he voted to convict then Chief Justice Corona.”

      Clearly, this is a :denial pregnant with admission according to several jurisprudence on evidence. The point is, if we are to believe that the reason as expressed by Coloma, then there is absolutely no point in Boy Pick Up MARtilyo Roxas clandestinely fetching Revilla. bringing Revilla first to his Bahay Puti, then changed cars to avoid detection, before going to the palace? And, why should the rendezvous of the meeting between Aquino be in the palace, when the simple plea of CNoy, as the palace would want us to believe, can be simply relayed by phone? The answer is – the palace is the safest place for CNoy to discuss corrupt under the table deals, free from any bugs or wire taps. Awat na Coloma, butata na si CNoy. You are just emphasizing the obvious. Sana di na lang ninyo inamin yong meeting.

    5. The Palace is clutching on straws with their defense! What is it with Revilla that he was the one called to verify regarding the pressure groups kuno? Can they tell the public what pressure is being made? Is it to influence the Senators to vote against conviction or for conviction? Can’t they simply confirm the truth from their own supporter senators? Mar’s alibi is also unbelievable! Who in his right mind would believe them as this also confirms the allegation of Jinggoy on the DAP bribes!