Palace denies Tatad’s claim Duterte had mild stroke


Malacañang on Wednesday denied that President Rodrigo Duterte had suffered a mild stroke after the Chief Executive disappeared from public view for about a week.

Palace spokesman Ernesto Abella issued the denial in reaction to the claim of former senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad in his The Manila Times column that Duterte went to a hospital for dialysis during his five-day break.

“You know, he showed himself. Kit Tatad may just be creating fantasies,” Abella told reporters during a news conference.

In his Times column on Monday, Tatad claimed to have received information from “highly informed sources” that the President had “suffered a mild stroke, which reportedly affected one of his arms, and brought him to Cardinal Santos Medical Center in Greenhills last Thursday, where he reportedly also underwent a ‘peritoneal dialysis.’”

“Neither Malacañang nor the medical center has issued a medical bulletin on this reported episode. But highly informed sources said Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. briefed some members of the Cabinet about it on Friday,” Tatad said.

Abella dismissed Tatad’s claims, saying the former senator “must be sourcing something that nobody knows about.”

Tatad wrote in January that Duterte secretly went to the Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, which the Palace also denied. Tatad became the subject of the President’s tirades the following month.

Duterte, who usually has two to three engagements per day, went on a five-day “private time” to rest last week, the Palace said.

The 72-year-old Chief Executive was last seen in public on June 11 when he went to Cagayan de Oro City to visit wounded soldiers who fought the Maute group in Marawi City, and led the transfer of slain soldiers to the Marines headquarters in Taguig City from Pasay City.

The President failed to attend the flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremonies for the 119th anniversary of the declaration of Philippine independence from Spain at Rizal Park in Manila.

Five days later, the President emerged in Butuan City to visit soldiers, reading a few lines from his prepared speech before giving his usual extemporaneous talk.

Speaking to reporters in Butuan City on Saturday, Duterte said he was in good health, adding that his last medical examination was conducted last year.

“My state of health is: What you see is what you get,” the President said.

Duterte had admitted to having spinal problems, migraine and Buerger’s disease, an ailment that causes the swelling of arteries and veins that afflicts smokers.


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  1. Why is it that when the President is not seen even in one day, the noise we hear from all around are overwhelming? Is a President not allowed to be sick or to be on vacation? Is this mentioned in the Philippine Constitution that a President is not allowed to get sick or whatever?

  2. Tatad’s guess is very wild. I can also play the guessing game, Mr. Tatad. Here is even wilder guess: PRRD’s absence from the public for the past two days was because, not mild stroke as you conjectured, but went to have stem cell theraphy injection similar to what Enrile, Imelda Marcos, and Gloria Arroyo did to rejuvenate old age and prolong life

  3. dating kriminal on

    The swelling of arteries and veins is the result of too much body fluid accumulated and were not released. Our glands, such as pituitary gland produce toxic bodily fluids, and must be released in order for our body to normally function again. If these toxic body fluids are not released on a regular basis, it will affect the physical and mental functions of our body, to include deviations on our behaviors, and this can easily compared to women having hot flashes because of menopause. The only way to release these toxic body fluids is through sexual intercourse.

    The President took five days of Rest and Relaxation, got laid, and back to work refreshed and feeling good again. The President is in good health and everything is under control. Now he is back to work with a smile on his face that cannot be erased, maybe a sign of satisfaction, and it could mean job satisfaction.