Palace, DOTC officials out to discredit Czech envoy


For 3 years now, DOTC has ignored formal Czech govt letters supporting Inekon bid

mrtTHE most remarkable feature of the press conference Transportation and Communications Secretary Emilio Abaya held on Friday was his effort to discredit the Czech Republic’s Ambassador Josef Rychtar.

This effort was markedly noticeable in the President’s spokesman Secretary Edwin Lacierda’s words on the subject to Malacañang reporters.

What impressed our reporter who attended the Abaya presscon was the Secretary’s insistence that the Czech Ambassador was, in effect, lying when he told first The Times that that the Czech company Inekon, which has been bidding to supply MRT3 coaches and modernization technology and systems, had been blacklisted as a DOTC supplier.

The absence of a blacklist against Inekon or the Czech Republic was also highlighted to Palace reporters by Secretary Lacierda.

The Times special report of three parts by our Chairman Emeritus Dante A. Ang did not have the word “blacklist” or “blacklisted.”

But it appears obvious that Inekon would never be entertained by the authorities in the DOTC – and is therefore the subject of a practical blacklist – because the Czech government over the last three years has sent more than ten official letters to the
DOTC supporting the Inekon proposal and “submitted to the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) booklets of extensive technical plans and financial proposals in order to comply with Philippine Procurement Procedures.”

These words come from a letter dated June 29, 2013 to President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd by Czech Ambassador Josef Rychtar.  See complete text of that letter elsewhere on Page 1.

Until now, Inekon and the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs are still waiting for a response to the letters.

However, as detailed in Dr. Dante Ang’s 3-part special report, the Inekon proposal was the subject of conversations between the Czech Ambassador, MRT General Manager ______ Vitangcol and his friends.

Some of these conversations involved an effort to get Inekon to pay bribe money as much as $30 million and at last lowered to $2.5 million.

Is it because the Palace officials and Secretary Abaya want to clear not only Mr. Vitangcol but its supervisory agency, the DOTC,  from any involvement in the shameless extortion attempt on the Czech Republic?

Nevertheless, that Secretary Abaya at his Friday presscon announced that he is initiating a probe on  the MRT General Manager’s possible involvement in the extortion attempt indicates two things.

1.    That the expose authored by Dr. Ang, and supported by documents and interviews with persons who affirmed having witnessed and heard the extortion attempt, has moved the Aquino administration to do the right thing.

2. That there is hope in the President’s Daang Matuwid growing into more than a dream.


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  1. Thank you, Ambassador Rychtar…please, we beg you, to stand up for the truth, and expose the extortion, no matter who gets implicated…you will always be a hero to the Filipino people, for once, a credible, impartial witness to a crime,,,! God bless you.

  2. A full investigation of this matter is absolute. If it will take us to ‘dang matuwid’, then this is the course we should take. Let’s wait for the investigation to finish and not prejudge anything.

  3. I hope the Czech Govt understand that unless the project is an official loan provided by the Czech Govt, where the loan provider can provide a clause that only Czech company can bid or will be on govt to govt agreement, otherwise should the money will be from Philippine Govt, there is no way that what the intent of Czech Ambassador to have a govt to govt base of procurement , only a public bidding is possible.. I think there is malice in how the Czech Ambassador has put our govt in an embarrassing situation and would require that tDFA to ask the Czech Govt to withdraw their current situation without DFA consider Czech Ambassador consider a Persona non grata .

    Most of the official loans such Japanese Loans, projects were all awarded to Japanese companies, also similar to Korean Loans where Korean companies all get the contracts. Just recently, the FA 50 Jet Fighters our govt is buying from South Korea is based on official loan granted by South Korea govt to the Philippines , and of course the Jet Fighters will be supplied by a South Korean company.

  4. There is one necessary qualification absent in the Inekon company, Chezch Republic and that is, they refuse to play it dirty. They don’t give extortion money and that’s their shortcoming.

    It is therefore incumbent on the part of Ambassador Josef Rychtar to bare the truth under pain of being declared persona non grata. Why should he fear such eventuality? Why should he continue to be an ambassador of his country with a corrupt administration? On the contrary, the People of the Philippines would be grateful to him forever because Chezch Republic will remain in history as the only country who stand it’s ground against the corrupt practices of this government. To Ambassador Josef Rychtar sir, I dare you to show this administration what is the true meaning of “Matuwid na Daan.” Spill the worms of pandora’s box as soon as possible.

  5. True or just a malicious allegation, it only shows that this country’s corrupt practices are known worldwide. So, why would any nation do serious business with the Phil.?

    Malacanang are in great need of diversionary tactics to sway away public attention from Ballsy extortion dealings. The alleged involvement of Ballsy Aquino Cruz and Noynoy’s brother-in-law Eldon Cruz and their group, in the contract for the supply of coaches for the metro rail transit (MRT) which is the one that traverses the Epifanio de los Santos Ave (Edsa) that is a key road for the Aquinos since this is where the People Power assembly that had installed former President Cory Aquino, Noynoy’s mother, happened. The persons said to have been helping the two in swinging the deal with Inekon, a Czech manufacturer of train equipment, are all family allies, and the name of a Lopez brother in law, Steve Psinakis, is also alleged to be in the inner group of Ballsy and husband.

  7. James barcelona on

    Lacierda is in panic mode! Gives credence to czech envoy”s charges! The president should step in and order an independent investigation! A circle of men close to pres. Noy is extorting from investors!