Palace downplays PNoy-Binay face-off


Malacañang on Saturday downplayed a possible face-off between President Benigno Aquino 3rd and Vice President Jejomar Binay in 2016, saying there is yet no “clarity” on the issue.

Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the entire interview with the Vice President should be aired.

“The Vice President was being honest in his answer [that he intends to run for the top government post against anyone in the next elections]. There will be greater clarity once we all see the entire interview. Really, it’s hard to judge the entire thing based on some of the clips that have been coming out,” Valte said in an interview aired over Radyo ng Bayan when asked to comment on Binay’s statement on Friday.

Binay on Friday replied to a reporter’s question with a “Yes” when asked if he would square off with Aquino if the Constitution were amended to allow for a second term for the President. The 1987 Charter limits the President’s term of office to six years.

Aquino earlier said he was open to Charter change because only through an amendment could the powers of the Supreme Court be clipped.

As to seeking a second term, the President said he would have to consult and listen to his “bosses,” the Filipino people.

“Nung pinasukan ko ito, ang tanda ko one term of six years. Ngayon, after having said that, syempre ang mga boss ko, kelangan kong pakinggan,” he said in an interview with TV5. “How do we ensure the reforms we began will become permanent?”

When interviewed by reporters in Naga City on Friday, Binay said he is ready to face Aquino in 2016.

“I’m ready to face him in 2016 should he decide to run again if a term extension pushes through,” Binay said in a press conference held at the Oriental Hotel.

“I have prepared myself for this. I studied. I have been mayor for 21 years. So, I’m bringing all that to the presidency,” the vice president said.

Binay also warned the President not to readily listen to his allies who only have their own personal interests in mind.

He said any move to amend the Constitution should be limited to economic provisions.

“Sana hindi ito makarating sa Supreme Court (I hope this will not reach the Supreme Court,” Binay said.

Several groups, including the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines and the Philippine Constitutional Association, said Aquino should not extend his term beyond 2016.

Philconsa president Rita Linda Jimeno said the people will not support Aquino if he seeks another term.

“No matter how good the intention would sound, it will still be rejected. Why push for it now when he could have done that at the beginning of his term if only to [deflect]suspicions that he only wants to extend his term? The people will not accept that,” she said.


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  1. When I was in my twenties I have worked in Makati and Binay was our Mayor. I am no longer working in Makati, I am pushing middle age, AND STILL IT IS A BINAY WHO IS A MAYOR IN MAKATI!!!! I don’t believe only a Binay can run Makati. Why is it that they will not step down and let others manage Makati? Because of money? For sure!!! Binay Family – Give chance to other emerging leaders! Don’t usurp power. Now talking about usurping – his other children are holding public positions. What does that make? The making of a Political Dynasty.

    If he is given a chance to become president – FOR SURE HE WILL NEVER STEP DOWN. For sure he will hold on to power until he dies, and will make sure his family will take his place.


  2. This charter is a ploy to divert us from blaming Pnoy on the sad state of MRT3, rising prices of rice, chicken, pork and electricity. It sadden me when Secretary Abaya that announced that spare parts for the MRT will be delivered by the end of August, this is short of telling us that these trains are running on worn out parts and they failed to buy it since they came to power.

  3. Here is a challenge for PNOY’S opponents/critics, if anybody can prove that President Aquino himself plundered the national treasury and have enrich himself as the President of the Philippines, then at all cost he must not be given an opportunity for any second term. However, even if people around him are corrupt, I don’t think you can blame for that. To me there is nothing wrong for him to seek a second term if a constitutional amendment allows him to. It will be an interesting campaign faceoff between him and the Vice President.

  4. Yes to President Pnoy amending the constitution and seeking re-election. That is what I’ve been praying for since he took his oath. Should he succeed in amending it, that would mean God loves the Philippines…if not, perhaps God has a heavy heart to help this country because of so many thieves. These thieves are the no. 1 faction opposed to this idea because they are afraid that the long arm of the law might one day catch up to them while Pnoy is still in office. Should he not continue, many foreign businesses will probably go, too, because of thievery. The US which have started to come back will probably not pursue their plan, then, China will have an easy time in conquering the country and enslave everyone. This thought is not far from reality. Think about it. Why would US care about ungrateful people after granting them independence after world war II?

  5. For as long as the law and the constitution would allow it, what is wrong with a sitting President seeking reelection? Even Binay, he had another candidate for president when he ran and won as Vice president. Mabuti nga at binigyan siya ng chance na makapaglingkod in another capacity during PNoy’s term when PNoy is not obliged to do that. At the end of the day, it is the people the bosses who will decide. Binay will not be committing any crime or whatever fault should he run as President against anybody including PNoy. The more choices for the people, THE BETTER!!!

  6. Chief Executive on

    Tarantado itong presidenteng ito! Dapat lang na matigil na ang kalokohan ninyo…walang dapat ituloy (dahil puro kalokohan kayo sa pagnanakaw!) anong permanenteng transformation? Nakaw dito nakaw dyan, worst peace and order, high prices of commodities, corruption, traffic kahit saan, palpak na MRT at LRT lines, pekeng economic records, mga nawawalang 2,000 container vans sa Customs, kagaguhan sa Public Works (saan ka nakakita na 32 inches na concrete pavement ng Magalllanes flyover); ano yan, airport runway? 12,000 miles na road projects for one year (lokohin nyo lelong nyong panot!), worst airport terminal 1 lang naman – ang terminal 2 ayos naman eh – pero during the interview kay Honrades, nagsinungaling siya by saying na ang terminal 2 ay design for domestic (pakisabi sa kanya, tanga siya kasi that was intended for Middle East flights) it just so happen na napunta ang north wing sa PAL for international at ang South wing sa domestic flights, puro sinugaling at ma-gimmick na cabinet members! Etc etc. Kung papansinin ng taumbayan (halatang halata): na ang mga ginagawa lang ng pangulo ay magpasinayam at photo ops sa mga military occurrences or celebration – puro doon lang, me kasama kasing takot sa military! KKK group, Casino scandal with Naguiat in front act sa pagnanakaw at pakikisama sa mga operator para di magbayad ng taxes, samantalang tayong mga maliliit ang tax rate ay 32%. Puro kagaguhan talaga sa administration na ito. Ngayon, nagsisinungaling ba ako?

    • Do you rather have Binay as President? Binay will be ten times worst than Aquino or anybody anointed by Aquino! Do not trust Binay as he is a shrewd corrupt manipulative politician who claim to be pro-poor when in truth he is only for his own personal greed for wealth and family dynasty. If Aquino is worst enough for you, then Binay will be 100 times destructive to Philippine economic and political society. Never trust Binay for being just a Mayor he already became a billionaire and has established his a Family Dynasty! If he becomes Presodent he will be worst than Marcos in terms of stealing wealth and perpetuating himself in office together with his Family!

  7. Eddie de Leon on

    President Aquino displays his insane streak when he says he is willing to seek a 2nd term and subject the nation to all the mess of amending the Constitution, holding a referendum, using the PCOS machines to cheat, etcetera etcetera so he could destroy the heroic Supreme Court.

  8. [As to seeking a second term, the President said he would have to consult and listen to his “bosses,” the Filipino people.
    “Nung pinasukan ko ito, ang tanda ko one term of six years. Ngayon, after having said that, syempre ang mga boss ko, kelangan kong pakinggan,” he said in an interview with TV5. “How do we ensure the reforms we began will become permanent?”]

    Huwag kayo’ng mag pa Ulol sa mga Aso’ng ulol na maka Dilaw na iyan….salot na Yellow Rabies ang ihahatid sa inyo kapag nakagat kayo ng mga iyan. Kinakasangkapan lang kayo na mga “BOSS” daw nila kapag nag susulong ng mga agendas nila pang-goyo at pang-politika…pero kapag kapakanan ninyon’g mga “BOSS” sa issue ng mga Gov’t employees bonuses na hinayjack sa DAP, salary and wage increases na hindi pa naibigay so far sa buong termnino niya na sagsag na apat na taon na ngayon, pagpasa at pag sulong ng tunay at comprehensive na Freedom of Information Law, better infrastructures, better health services and hospitals, tunay na ayuda at tulong sa mga Yolanda typhoon victims,
    tax incentives, ang walang patumanggang pag kunsinti sa mga Korap na mga Ka Alyado nila diyan sa DA, DOTC, Senado at Kamara, Customs at halos lahat ng sangay ng Govierno national etc, etc, etc – ay DEDMA LANG SI ABNOY-PENOY. At humihirit ng 2nd term para iwas-pusoy, iwas kulong, iwas asunto gawa ng ILLEGAL na DAP.
    Saan kaya humuhugot nang kapal ng mukha ang lahi ng Makapili na Simeon da3rd na iyan? Maliwanag pa sa sikat nang araw na ayaw na nang tao sa kanya at nagoyo na sila once – dala ng emotional passion gawa ng pag yao ng kanyang Inang Cory – bagay na kinasangkapan para makaluklok siya diyan sa Malakanyang. Other than these cruel congruence of political events – walang credibilidad ang Penoy para mamuno as president nito’ng bansa na Pilipinas na kilala sa buong mundo na Lupain ng mga Magnanakaws na Pulitika.

    • Jorge O. Ordona, Jr on

      If both of them run for President, I will not vote for them, Aquino is not a crook or corrupt but he don’t have management ability while Binay might have Management ability but he create political dynasty and the Binay tends to abuse their power like his son Mayor Jun Binay. What will happen is like Gloria Aroyo time where her. relatives enrich themselves! Di pa nga nakapuwesto bilang Presidente si Binay pero nagsimula ng mangurakut ang pamilya Nya! Wala na bang qualified na making Presidente?