• Palace execs ready to go


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd and other Malacañang officials have started packing up their things as they get ready to leave their posts on June 30.

    Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said his staff at the Presidential Communications Operations Office have begun “cleaning up” for the turnover to the next occupants.

    “These preparations… even I have started to clean up as we prepare to go. It’s only natural because everyone knows when we have to go. It is only proper to prepare for it,” he told Palace reporters.

    Asked to describe his six-year stay in Malacañang, Coloma said: “It was very meaningful. There was a lot of learning.”

    At the same time, he said that Palace officials do not see the defeat of the administration party as something to be frustrated with, explaining that such loss does not mean that the principle of Daang Matuwid (straight path) was rejected by the people.

    “How can we say (it was) rejected when all the candidates were against corruption? Wasn’t it the battlecry of the Aquino administration? ‘Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap’,” Coloma explained.

    “Even objective observers from te international community gave us high marks… They are impartial,” he added.


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    1. Rodan Guerrero on

      Goodbye to the Philippines` WORST PRESIDENT and the most corrupt regime of all times. Every Filipino expect that all parts of this regime will suffer the consequences of their crimes. The New Government must hunt and pursue even the remaining conspirators of Aquino who are still in power.

    2. Rizal Sychitpin on

      They were blind & deaf to the truth until the end, still refusing to admit that they were the worst bunch of crooks & scalawags in Phil history.

    3. For sure all those bastards in the PNoy cabinet will have to go, like it or not. But they should or majority of them including PNoy of course need to look and hire the best legal minds they can afford to stop them from being hailed in jail for their sins to the people of the Philippines.

    4. How can you say Mr. Coloma that your administration did well in battling corruption, when in fact the use of DAP, PDAF given as bribed to Congressmen and Senators to impeach a sitting CJ ( unimpeachable offense), that were declared by SC as illegal, is exceptionally atypical of corruption in the highest form.Yes, it was a learning experience for the ” student council ” who was caught red handed.. Good riddance.

    5. Ano bang utak mayroon itong dating myembro ng Progresibong Samahan ng mga Ekonomista? Di ba nga sabi ni beneegno na ang halalan ay referendum ng kanyang Dung Ma Tweed? Natalo si mama’s boy kaya naturalmente, isang kagaguhan at bulok ang ipinangangalandakang mga polisiya at programa ni beneegno. Kaya natalo si mama’s boy dahil nga sa korapsyon ng mga tao ni beneegno at dahil mas marami ngayon ang mahirap kaya nangangahulugan lamang na mas marami at lumaki pa ang insidente ng korapsyon sa termino ni beneegno. Kunsabagay, wala nga naman ospital para sa stew-feeditty.

    6. adrian feliciano on

      Mr. Coloma should say : Marami paring corrupt kaya dumarami parin and mahirap.

    7. Duh!
      Isn’t it that BS Aquino set the election as a referendum of his 6year term as President?

      Result – people said BS Aquino is a FAILURE.

      Mr. Coloma, don’t try to misread people’s rejection of BS Aquino administration. There is no such thing as Daang Matuwid.