Palace eyes ‘win-win’ deal on pension hike


Malacañang on Monday said President Rodrigo Duterte is working toward a “win-win” solution to lawmakers’ proposal to hike Social Security System (SSS) pensions by P2,000 a month, following opposition from his economic managers.

In a statement, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said Duterte was yet to make up his mind on the issue.

“The President is looking for a win-win solution where he can give pensioners the increase they have been asking for while ensuring that SSS will remain solvent at all times,” Andanar said.

What is clear for now is that the President does not want taxpayers to subsidize the SSS, a position also held by his economic managers, he said.

“As the President said, he does not want to use taxpayers’ money, especially money of non-SSS members, should funding problem arise because of the increase. He will again confer and meet with his economic managers to solve the impasse,” he added.

A joint resolution on the P2,000 SSS pension hike is pending before the House of Representatives and the Senate.

If the increase is approved, the first tranche of P1,000 can be released by January 2017.

In a recent interview with ABS-CBN News, Duterte admitted that Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno and Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez 3rd were against the proposal because the SSS could go bankrupt.

“The end-game is that the government has guaranteed the solvency always of SSS so that if it runs short of money, government must go in. The problem is, you’ll also involve non-SSS members, because you’ll get the money from taxpayers,” Duterte said.

“The problem is that we promised the people, so we will just have to go somewhere in there,” he added.

Dominguez, Diokno, and Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia earlier said that without an “upward adjustment or restructuring of the contribution rate,” the unfunded liabilities of the SSS would increase from P3.5 trillion to P5.9 trillion if the proposed pension hike is approved.

They even claimed that the pension increase could “adversely affect the Republic’s credit rating.”

During the previous 16th Congress, a version of the proposed P2,000 SSS pension hike was passed but vetoed by then president Benigno Aquino 3rd, citing “dire financial consequences” for the SSS.

The SSS supported Aquino’s position, warning that a hike would shorten its fund’s actuarial life.

Alternative proposal
Senate Majority leader Vicente Sotto 3rd on Monday urged the economic managers of President Duterte to take a look at his “more acceptable” proposal on the planned SSS pension increase.

Sotto was referring to his Senate Bill (SB) 1068 which does away with the P2,000 across-the-board pension increase for all SSS pensioners. It seeks to adjust the minimum monthly pension to P2,000 from previous P1,200 for SSS members with at least 10 credited years of service, and maximum of P3,000 from the previous P2,400 for those with 20 credited years of service.

Sotto said the increases would be moderate as it was aimed at helping the lowest bracket of pensioners, but across-the-board increases could still be allowed in the future with enough SSS funds.

“Real pension increases are better than big future increases that cannot be funded,” Sotto told The Manila Times.

The Senate, before it went on a Christmas break, approved a resolution calling for an immediate increase of P1,000 in the monthly pension of all SSS pensioners.

Sen. Richard Gordon said the SSS must fulfill its promise because the reason the Senate agreed to a P1,000 initial pension increase was because senators were told the SSS won’t be able to afford the full amount of P2,000.

“They (SSS) must live up to the end of the bargain. They promised the P1,000. We amended the P2,000 to P1,000 because they said they can’t give the P2,000,” Gordon said in a phone interview.

He said the SSS board must also show its efficiency in collecting dues and maximizing assets to increase the pension fund’s actuarial life.

Gordon said the SSS, with its new board, should be more aggressive, such as by investing in public-private partnerships which are guaranteed by the government, instead of Treasury bills, which have a low yield.

“But I think we’re all looking at our previous experience with the SSS, which is abysmal. They have billions in non-performing assets, they have very well-paid executives but they’ve not done their job. Now they have a new board, I thought they will be aggressive,” said Gordon.

The senator said that if the President needs more time to study, “let us give him the study time he needs,” he added.


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  1. This is a message to that SSS executive complaining that any increase of benefit to all Senior citizens will cause depletion of SSS resources to meet . And because of your insensibility to the need of those Filipinos who worked very hard and contributed into the SSS I must identify you as an SSS employee ,for the very fact , because all Filipinos who contribute to SSS are your employer and where your salary comes from, The root cause of the depletion of the SSS funds are the humongous bonus in millions that every greedy board member executives received, who cares only about what they can get to benefit themselves that must be corrected ., Those board members who are objecting to the SSS pension increase of Senior citizens must be relieved from their position if the SSS is to survive. More power to you, Pres Duterte.

  2. Reminder to PDU30 “this issue was one of your election promises that you’ll sign this bill into law once you’ll be the president” remember?

  3. It is one thing to ask the pensioners to wait; it is another thing to ask them to wait INDEFINITELY ! Come on guys do not dribble us or keep on telling us that you really want to give us the increase. If it cannot be done now, then we want to know exactly when it can be done.

  4. Perhaps it is like a pyramiding fund? , the pyramid base expands geometrically from employment contribution INFLOWS , while net pension benefits OUTFLOWS at the top of the pyramid grow arithmetically ……. or setting aside actuarial valuation …. more inflows than outflows?

  5. Why is it that it is easy for the government to produce money to give to the none performing population of the country and find it hard to do the same to those who had serve their country during their productive years. Walang utang na loob!

  6. This is just one of the many fundamental issues where D30 could not hide his being a pro-capitalist and beholden to established order ruled by the few elite big businessmen. SSS has become a trophy and reward for those very close supporter of the President, appointing to critical position in the institution even with no valid qualification and credential for the job. It is not the long term viability of the SSS that concerns the President but the fear of his businessmen friends to reduce their profit once a decision to increase the premium is officialy made.

    • Hindi iyan issue about capitalism.Wala ka kasing alam katulad ng mga senatongs at tongressmen imagine mag increase ka almost 100% sa pension.Ngayon saan mo kukunin iyan.Paano na ang mga future retirees.

  7. Mr President if you want to balance the solution to this problem, think of the situation where all pensioners were already dying hard waiting for a long overdue increase promised by our lawmakers and the situation where the SSS managers had long been sleeping on their job, these are government appointed people, so whose fault it is? Is it not the government? Then, why make the pensioners pay for the incompetence of these government appointed people? By all means lets give the SSS pensioners their dues NOW and give these SSS managers the right treatment so they can ran the bureau efficiently!

  8. Why doesn’t SSS sell the assets they acquired out of SSS funds which are not earning enough interests like the paintings and the works of arts and the condominiums they bought to earn some private commissions for the former officers of SSS. The former officers like de Quiros gave themselves humongous bonuses and yet could not see their way through granting the poor pensioners an additional increase to augment their very little provision for their medicine. This is already unconscionable!

    • alam mo ba kong ilang milyon ang kailangan buwan buwan para sa increase na iyan.Ubusin mo man paintings ng lolo mo hindi kakasya iyan.Ang SSS ay nabubuhay sa contribution at income niya ,hindi dahil sa budget ng gobyerno.Isipin mo lang kong ikaw ay negosyante gagasta ka ng 100% more kong walang kang pagkukunan di bankrupt abg labas mo. WKA kasi kayo kaya wag na kayong makisawsaw dito.