• Palace hits Poe, defends Abaya


    Malacañang took Senator Grace Poe to task for saying that Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya should be criminally charged for the multitude of problems facing the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3.

    Presidential Communications Undersecretary Manuel Quezon 3rd said that indicting officials is not the answer to the rail problems.

    He added that instead of proposing the filing of charges against Abaya, Poe should support the reforms being done by the government.

    “We are hoping that out of her sense of frustration that is also felt by a lot of people, Senator Poe would see that the filing of charges is not the solution. What is needed is understanding and supporting the reforms being carried out by the government,” Quezon said in a radio interview.

    “I think it would be very easy for her, she’s a member of the Senate and in aid of legislation, she could look at things, determine why it came to this situation and she could ask for more information,” he added.

    “Kung mayroon kang nakikitang problema, bakit mo dadalhin sa demandahan when, as a member of the Senate, ang solusyon naman ay tingnan ang sitwasyon, tingnan kung saan ba may pagkukulang, saan ba may mga reporma na makakatulong at gumawa ng batas para dito (If you see a problem, why do you want it to lead to the filing of charges when, as a member of the Senate, the solution there is to look at the situation, assess where we fell short, what reforms are needed and craft laws to address these issues),” he added.

    Poe on Friday said Abaya should be held accountable for the MRT mess and that the Senate sub-committee on public services which she heads will likely recommend the filing of graft-related charges against the DOTC chief.

    The senator added that Abaya should have been included as a respondent when former MRT 3 general manager Al Vitangcol 3rd and five others were charged at the Sandiganbayan over the awarding of the $11.5-million maintenance contract to PH Trams Incorporators without public bidding.

    “The problem with the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) is 1its leadership or [the]lack of it,” Poe said.

    Poe earlier called on the President to fire Abaya on grounds of incompetence.


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    1. Si GMA ay nakulong dahil lang sa marginal note na pinermahan nya sa isang documento.
      Pero si ABAYA na sya mismo ang pumirma at nag approv nga contrata sa RAILWAY system, ipinagtangol pa ng Malacanyang at hindi sinampahan ng kaso. OLNY IN THE PHILIPPINES

    2. Concerned-Fellow on

      Filipinos should run after all the mouthpieces of Malacañang for spreading lies that eventually mislead the people. They should be tried in the Court of True Justice, if not by the people themselves. Their tongue should be cut and throw to the dogs. In so doing, future holder of that position will think twice before they spread pertinent information and not lies.

    3. Leodegardo Pruna on

      No matter how high and how low the Palace would cover-up for the mess in MRT, LTO, etc. the spokespersons are rattled to their bones and are simply floating that they are for a disgraced candidate as president. God bless the Philippines.

    4. Malacañang is being evasive. It cannot answer why their cabinet secretaries are so incompetent or corrupt that it results in extremely poor services to the citizens. Instead of whining about the cabinet secretaries being charged, Malacañang should act and fire those incompetent and corrupt cabinet secretaries such as Abaya, Alacala and Abad.

    5. Oh, really Mr. Quezon if that is so what then are you doing to Pres. Arroyo. Instead of filing charges on her. You in the gov`t now are suppose to talk about it? as you suggested to Ms. Poe.

      P.s. Phil, is in quagmire situation because of your grand pa isn`t not?

    6. As I have said, it is impossible for Pinoy to fire Abaya because they are close friends and Abaya is a high ranking Liberal Party officer. Manuel Quezon stated that it is not Abaya fault. Then who is at fault ? The problems of not only MRT but also car plates in LTO is all under Abaya control. Abaya is the worst cabinet member per Bong Bong Marcos in an interview at DZMM. I could only agree because all Pilipinos can feel and see the results of Abaya mismanagement. Note to Abaya,,,, you are a disgrace to the Pilipino people. You are responsible for all the hardships of our people. I hope that all these will affect your future . Vengeance is Mine said the Lord of Host.

    7. francis carlos on

      I am very sorry to say that Mr. Abaya lacks the competence to lead DOTC which is a very vital agency in any country. Moreso, his direct reports, most of the Undersecretaries do also lack competence. What we need are people who have business like discipline and depth of understanding in the field of transportation. I once dream of serving this agency and have done a lot of preparation to equipped myself with the knowledge and executive skills but never had a chance. I have a multi-modal transport exposure in land, water and air.

    8. Another mouthpiece from Malacanan who speaks before he thinks.
      Logic and principles fly over their stunted intellects.
      And no sense of shame whatsoever

    9. We all live in a world that is unfair to the poor and the powerless, more so in a country that is called the Philippines.The few that rules the country, the appointed few that abuses their post and placed in there not because of their administrative skills is hard to fathom.The way it is done the wrong way has been going for generations and needs to stop right now.The politicians are supposed to be the voice of the masses became the culprits who steals the money that are supposed to serve the people.When the person is caught with his/her hand in stealing or abusing the responsibilities they were to uphold, do we just pat them in the back and not have them answer to the problem they have created, we need to address the problem, find the solution and indict the people who are responsible but not add to it.Something so simple should be made simple, Part of the problem is the administration who condones the problem and is also an addition to the problem.Why don’t we just get to the root of the problems and then uproot it , correct the wrong, sue the people that are responsible and make a good example for the rest of the people.When are we going to change, rhetoric don’t change things.Action is more meaningful than words, a change for the good of the people.Don’t it make harder for the masses who is already hurting and trying to make it on what little that they have.Let us think of ways to make it a better world for everyone and to live a legacy that everyone can enjoy and to give hope and humility.

      • What you are saying is a perfect world. Philippines per one agency is one of the corrupt country in the world. Do not expect anything because you will be frustrated.