• Palace holds no list of DAP projects


    MALACAñANG officials have harped on the supposed economic benefits of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) but the Palace could not immediately say where the funds from the program actually went.

    A week after the Supreme Court declared the DAP unconstitutional, Malacañang officials grappled for an explanation when asked by reporters how the acceleration program benefited the country.

    In a news briefing on Monday, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda, however, said the government is confident it can justify the supposedly huge benefits derived from the DAP.

    “We are very confident that we can showcase the positive effects of the Disbursement Acceleration Program, the many projects that have benefited the country [because of the program]. In fact, may I just remind and also impress upon [our]countrymen that the beneficial effects of the DAP were even recognized over and over and over again in the Supreme Court decision,” Lacierda told reporters.

    “So it is something that we can stand by, the projects that have benefited the country, and this is all found in the Supreme Court decision itself,” he said.

    When asked to provide a list of projects where DAP funds were used, the Palace official pointed to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) as the agency that could provide such a list.

    “We will inquire from the DBM if those . . . if we have the list, the funding of those projects, and if we can outline and release it to the public. We do not have a copy of those projects,” Lacierda said.

    He reiterated that while some acts in implementing the DAP were ruled to be unconstitutional, the entire acceleration program was beneficial.

    “You must remember that under the operative fact, prior to the declaration of unconstitutionality, the acts done were valid and legal because there’s a presumption the acts were done in accordance with law,” Lacierda said.

    He suggested that lawmakers who got funds from the DAP should make a full public disclosure on where the money went. He cited the case of Senate President Franklin Drilon who came out with a press release detailing the specific projects that were implemented from his share of DAP funds.

    “It would be in the best interest of everyone to see how they spent their funds if they did receive DAP [funds],” Lacierda said.

    He, however, admitted that he was not sure if President Benigno Aquino 3rd himself would explain the controversial program to the public.

    “We will just wait for when the President will decide to speak on the DAP. We have no confirmation of when, so we will just leave it at that,” Lacierda said.

    The DAP, he noted, aimed to stimulate the economy, thus funds from it were also given to Congress and other “cross-border” government agencies.

    “In the case of Congress, there was a need to assist them in the establishment of their library. There were certain things that they needed to be done, and so, it felt that it would be in a sense, in a way, assisting also the other branches. Also, we’ve got legal basis for that. At the time when it [DAP] was implemented, there was legal basis,” Lacierda said.


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    1. Wala talaga silang hawak kasi wala namang project, naibulsa na patungo sa daang matuwid!

    2. Carlos Castaneda on

      Lokohin mo na ang Lolong mong Panot Mr Lacierda !!!

      Is it logical to say that something has been done good when you yourselves can not even say where the money went?

      Para na rin sinabi mo ” OO magaling iyong scholar namin at pina-aral namin kaso hindi namin alam kung saan siya nag-aaral at kung ano ang kanyang tinapos”
      Logical ba iyan ???

      Sanay na sila sa lokohan kaya iyan kala nila lahat ng tao sir-ulo.

    3. We are not stupid to believe that the palace has no list of DAP projects, meaning cabinet members meeting is useless wherein the secretaries disclose or report their departmental accomplishment. Billion pesos of peoples money being release without justification……Budget submitted for evaluation and approval……funding…….and then “NO LIST” ….Palace will ask DBM for the list meaning we are running our government without any control and accountability.

      President Office no computer or centralized info department.

      Can we release DAP funding directly to Yolanda victim or release all Yolanda billion pesos donations ASAP. Please help our people and God Bless Philippines.

    4. Reggie Santos on

      Common knowledge na malaking chunk ng budget sa proyekto ay napupunta sa kickback ng politiko. Kahit pa may lumabas na ilang proyekto, tiyak na malaki ang naibulsa ng senador, congressmen, at lgu leaders. Dahil bonus ang DAP sa mga bumuto laban kay Corona, tiyak na mas malaki ang kinomisyon nila diyan. Dahil sa political patronage, kay Pangulong Noynoy din nag-ugat ang malaking korupsiyon sa DAP

    5. Irene Vallestero on

      It is not acceptable that the Palace does not have the list of where DAP funds went. Release it! Sobrang sobra na!!!

    6. SALVACION CAHAYAG apparently in this country if you did something that was against the law ( like implementing the dap ) but you did it in good faith it wasnt a crime on your part. If thats the law then the law is an ass & the law was made to safeguard people who want to steal with the law providing a perfect get out.
      But the people of this country need to wise up right now & look at who they are voting for. These actors you voted for may seem nice but they are roles they play, it doesnt mean they are those sort of people. You need to look at their words & their deeds. First & formost look at their education, take manny pacquiao for one, he doesnt have any so tell me would you want him representing this country in any top form, boxing wise yes thats ok but brains wise im sorry but he isnt very clever.
      Then i look at you electing 2 of the marcos clan, my god how stupid can you get. Imelda & ferdinand raped this country & couldnt have cared less about the poor. I think i saw her net worth is rated at just under 1 billion pesos. If that is the case why isnt it looked into & get her to prove where that money came from. Its very easy to do & you will find its illegally gotten money, & then you should jail her & take it all back off her. The first thing you should do is get rid of any marcos from any position of governing power. You people need to understand its you who voted for these thieves so its partly your responsibility. You need to wise up quickly as these people will keep robbing you. Look at the senators who voted to keep the bank secrecy law, start with getting rid of them as that law is just there to help protect ill gotten money & nothing else. IOf it was there for the people it would also cover every peso account. You know the accounts we normal people have. That clearly shows you they want to be protected but they dont care about you, they want to know what you got so if you got it illegally they will catch you, but they also want to protect themselves. If they give any other reason than that for keeping it they are liars.

    7. How easy it is in this country to fob off reporters & everyone. Lacierda said we dont knoe if or when the president will speak on the dap so we will just wait. I dont think any of them think the people are so angry about all this corruption & want answers now & not when the president is good & ready. Its his job as the leader of this country to answer to this country, he swears to that when he is sworn in as president, but like everyone else here they think they are above the law & can do what they want. The people should they them they will be held accountable.



      Of course you cannot expect this administration to disclose the list of the DAP
      projects or where they squandered these peoples money. Because it was a
      well know fact these funds were used to bribe the 188 congressman and these
      senators too to ensure the impeachment of Corona. The problem of this country
      are the Filipino electorate too. For electing incompetent, corrupt, vindictive,
      mentally disturbed and noynoying abnoy. For it does not mean that when
      someone is popular, when his parents just died, these become the basis for
      electing him. It is not. This abnoy when as congressman and senator did nothing.
      Of course he introduced senate bill No. 3121 which prohibits the impounding of
      unobligated funds. On the contrary, this is exactly what he did under the DAP. This
      was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. It clear therefore that he
      violated the law of the land. So, what will the people do with a president who violated
      the law? I repeat the Supreme Court and not a lower court declared that what he
      did was against the constitution. And, as senator, he did file again a senate bill
      limiting the number of times that an appointed who was bypassed by the CA can
      be reappointed. On the contrary again, what he did was he reppointed De Lima,
      Soliman, etc, four times. This is clear contrary to what he was advocating when
      he was in congress. Also, this abnoy is guilty of nepotism. This administration
      say that elelven (11) Abads in government is not nepotism? Filipino people come
      to think of it as to what kind of person is this?

    10. If Sen. Jinggoy did not make the revelation, there will not be DAP. In short this is just an alibi (or palusot) to cover up for the bribes that the President made. Why are we so dumb not to see this big LIE? Pity us!

    11. Incompetence and no-clue is now the battle cry to describe the King PNoy administration, apparently. For sure PNoy and his administration are now busy looking or fabricating answers of many questions pertaining to the massive scams and fraud authored by no less than PNoy himself. Pity Coloma’s group of liars for an extremely difficult job they are facing. Anyway that is part of the territory of their responsibilities which for sure is well rewarded by PNoy. Sus, if PNoy can afford to bribe all legislators of both chambers whom he may not know personally, how about his KKKKs, shall he leave them behind in accepting peoples tax money?

    12. eltee mulawin on

      >>> Lacierda …very simple kung abugado . DAP declared illegal dahil hindi dumaan ito sa Congress at wala sa approve GAA. At ayon sa batas, walang sabings na maituturing kung anuman project ay maliban kung ito ay completely finished or abandoned or not implemented.

      >>>Lacierda…huwag nang ipilit na may legal basis ang DAP. Marunong ka naman siguro umintindi o nakakauanwa ng salitang “english” na..DECLARED ILLEGAL AT UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!!