Palace: Int’l court can’t interfere in PH affairs


Malacañang sees no reason for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to intervene in issues concerning the Philippines, particularly on the country’s fight against illegal drugs.

In a statement, presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella maintained that “no concrete evidence” has shown that the killings of suspected drug personalities in the Philippines were state-sponsored.

“The International Criminal Court (ICC) cannot arbitrarily interfere in the domestic affairs of a sovereign country like the Philippines,” Abella said.

“There is no concrete evidence pointing to crimes against humanity here: such crimes must be widespread and systematically directed against a specific group. This element is absent in the Philippine situation,” he said.

The Palace official added: “The Philippine Senate already absolved the President and there exists no such crime.”

Duterte has repeatedly blasted critics and opponents, including international bodies that have spoken out against his brutal war on drugs, saying he won’t stop until the last drug lord is driven out.

In a television interview, Commission on Human Rights Chairman Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon said the ICC was closely monitoring drug killings in the country.

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in October 2016 said that “any person in the Philippines who incites or engages in acts of mass violence, including by ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing, in any other manner, to the commission of crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC, is potentially liable to prosecution before the Court.”

The Philippines has been a state party to the ICC since November 1, 2011.

New tirade vs EU

On Thursday, President Duterte launched another tirade against the European Union (EU), calling it “f****** s***” for criticizing his bloody war on drugs.

This came after the EU summoned Manila’s envoy to Brussels on Monday to explain “unacceptable” comments made by Duterte last week, in which the President said he would be “very glad” to hang the European Parliament for “interfering” in the affairs of the Philippines.

In remarks during the oath-taking ceremonies for newly appointed government officials in Malacañang, Duterte said the EU had no moral ascendancy to recommend anti-narcotics policies in the Philippines because of its members’ history of colonization.

“I do not go into that kind of rigmarole of many stories. I am straightforward regarding drugs. This EU, son of a b****,” the President said.

“You know if you would ask how I would describe them [EU lawmakers], just tell them the mayor has said, ‘You’re a f****** s***,’” said the former Davao City mayor.

Duterte then lambasted the EU because of how its member-countries had historically subjugated other lands.

“For after all, you are ahead of the industrialization age because you conquered lands. They massacred a lot of people,” the President said.

“We hate you, the EU, for being hypocrites. You are the incongruity of our times,” he added.

The EU had condemned the “many extrajudicial killings” in the country since Duterte launched the fight against narcotics trade.

On Wednesday, Duterte called the EU “crazy” for calling for the immediate release of his leading critic, Sen. Leila de Lima, who is detained on drug-related charges that she claims were trumped-up.

Despite criticisms hurled against him, Duterte maintained that his drug war would be relentless.

He warned drug traders: “I will kill you. I will really kill you. You choose: ambush or sniper? Don’t ruin my country.”


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  1. florendo abad on

    Duterte should watch the way he talk about foreign country. remember the president of Panama . he was cursing the president of the US , then one day he was captured by US marine inside panama. he still in jail up to now in US detention center. He can talk nicely his bravado could put him in jeopardy.

  2. The EJK issues on PRRD was put into the limelight wayback in in mid 2009 authored by D5. If we try to analyze why D5 is trying to single out PRRD during his term as Mayor in Davao City is that the illegal Drugs business was eradicated. Since we know now that she’s one of the protector of illegal drugs business then that’s normal. ICC should investigate first after hearing and reading the news from Philippines so they could get the correct information.

  3. Leopoldo Mayo on

    It’s shocking how those European parliamentarians are talking under a cloud of total of ignorance about the reasons why Sen. Leila de Lima is in prison. She’s been indicted not for political reasons. They’d be surprised to find out that she has no politics beyond her canine loyalty for her former top patron in the Liberal Party, her hatred for President Rodrigo Duterte and his hard-fist policy against drug lords and their cohorts, and her insatiable lust for practically all of her drivers cum close-in security men under government payroll. The truth is she’s in jail for having been found by investigators to have conspired with convicted drug-lord inmates at the National Penitentiary to boost their nationwide illegal drug-trading operations when she was the Secretary of Justice until two years ago. How come these facts can’t penetrate the skulls of those European parliamentarians? Have they succumbed to the sorcery of Leila de Lima’s shameless lying in the guise of defending human rights in our part of the world?

  4. The killing were endemic during PNoy’s time, they called it “Riding in Tandem Killings” (RITKs) then.

    Now they call it EJKs, and scream crimes against humanity and blame Du30.

    When will the human rights people stop with the hypocrisy and just admit they are pawns.

  5. Did ICC lift a finger on china , nokor, assad?

    Why are these oustiders interfering with our country’s effort to clean up and solve our own problem?

    These european perverts have failed even in their own continent, see how EU and GB are disintegrating, how its very own people are suffering and being terrorized by the actions of their hypocrite leaders.

    And now they think they are righteous and justified to interfere, while turning the other way when china grabbed territories.

    These leaders of the original mass murderers, greedy land grabbers and ransacking foreign devils are at it again.

    Ignore them, and if they persists lets wipe them out along with the real problem – b.s.a’s scheming, power grabbing LP.

    ICC- bully of the weak but real coward when it comes to china, syria/russia and nokor, is now the main tool of the LP for its power grabbing scheme, How much did LP paid these ICC officials? a few children prostitutes?

  6. Without D30, philippines can not be normalized forever from the evil culture of lying cheating stealing and irresponsibiity….etc.

    • This evil culture in embeded in Filipinos since the beginning of time. It will kill with impunity it’s own kind, but will cower and afraid to take collateral damage to confront the chinks stealing PH eez territory.