Palace justifies tuition hike


Malacañang has justified the approval of tuition increases to be imposed by various universities, saying the action done by the Commission on Higher Education was “lawful and reasonable”.

“According to the Commission on Higher Education, the decision on the petitions to increase tuition and school fees was made in accordance with the law and reasonable principles. They took into consideration the interests of all stakeholders – the schools, colleges and universities, teachers, employees, parents and the students,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in Filipino.

CHEd chairman Patricia Licuanan earlier announced that they have approved the application of 313 private colleges and universities for an increase in tuition and other school fees this coming school year.

The average tuition fee hike reportedly costs P29.86 per unit while the average increase for school fees was P135.60. CHEd however, did not release the list of schools whose tuition petitions were approved.

Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon slammed the CHEd for allowing the tuition increase, saying the agency has betrayed its mandate to ensure affordability and accessibility of education.

“Whichever way you look at these new fee hikes, we will all arrive at the same conclusion: that they are all unjustified, exorbitant, and pose a huge burden for many Filipino families come enrolment time,” Ridon said.

Coloma however said the government has extended more than P1.5 billion for 123,882 slots under its Student Financial Assistance Programs.

The program will benefit deserving students enrolled in public and private higher education institutions, he said.


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  1. I remember way back 1979 my tuition fee per sem in UST engineering 1st year was just 650 pesos. As a working student back then I can afford to pay my tuition without much burden on my side bec it only a month salary for me consider it UST and engineering course that I took . only after President Cory was install as President She lift the barrier for tuition fee increase . Most tertiary school take advantage and increase by around 50%to 100% crazy really. And those institution that offer educational plan was taken by surprise. They was not even consulted that is why almost all educational insurance was eventually go bankrupt. So come year 20o7 when my educational plan for my son college become just a piece of scrap paper l can’t blame the insurance company knowing what they been through . Walang compania kaya na halos for several years ang tuition increase is from 100% to 30% lugi a ko pero this is what we got if the government just keep on approving without considering ordinary people situation. Kawawa pero walang magawa. The govt sana at least man Lang e consulta parent also or at least considered their plight . Like K12 di pa handa pero sigue ng sigue o Bahala na attitude . Pinapahamak ang majority na mangangaral . nakupo…….

  2. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The Palace has always been pro-rich. While the increase in tuition fees may be legal but is it moral? The owners as well as operators of private universities and colleges are in the best position to explain if they are losing. As it is, they have a captive consumers in parents and students. I am quite sure that if owners of schools would only be truthful in reporting their financial affairs, we shall find that should they properly manage that they are already reaping much from their efforts and investments. If only we shall practice mercy and compassion as taught to us by Christ and Pope Francis, we shall benefit from the promise of Bliss by God. God bless the Philippines.

  3. Si Aquino at elite ay totoong pinipigil nila na umangat ang mahirap,kaya itinatag nila ang k-12 upang lahat ng mahirap ay vocational ang puersahan malaman at matapos!alam nila nakapagmay natutunan na ang tao para maghanapbuhay,doon agad ang punta nila! Exclusive lang ang kolehiyo para sa elite!