• Bishop, analyst bare ‘farce’

    Palace, LP behind attacks on Binay


    THE Senate investigation of alleged anomalies committed by Vice President Jejomar Binay and members of his family is nothing but a “drama” and a “strategy” concocted by Malacañang and the Liberal Party (LP) to weaken the administration’s most formidable opponent in the 2016 elections, according to a renowned political analyst and a retired Catholic bishop.

    In separate interviews with The Manila Times, Ramon Casiple and former Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz both see the hands of the Palace and the LP as the puppet masters dictating the flow of the Senate blue ribbon committee’s inquiry into alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building 2 and the supposed 35-hectare farm owned by the Binays in Rosario, Batangas.

    “The drama is Malacañang-fueled. It too shall pass away,” Cruz said. He likened the Senate probe to previous controversies that ended up “nowhere.”

    Short of calling the probe a farce, the prelate said the public should sit back and enjoy the show.

    “My advice to [the]people: Enjoy it till its ending, which is neither here nor there,” Cruz added.

    Casiple, a political analyst, said there is no doubt that the Aquino administration is behind the attacks on Binay, judging from the timing of the probe and the line of questioning by the Senate panel members.

    While senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Antonio Trillanes 4th and Aquilino Pimentel 3rd are not LP members, Casiple said they are allies of the ruling administration party.

    “It [probe]is certainly within the 2016 presidential election context. What you are seeing is the strategy toward strengthening of the winning hand of the administration candidate,” Casiple noted.

    When asked if he could categorically say the LP is behind the “drama” involving Binay, he replied, “None other. Unless may sumasakay [somebody is hitching a ride].”

    Sought by The Times for comment, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said while some sectors may offer differing views on the conduct of the Senate probe, Malacañang will respect moves of the Senate.

    “We respect the processes of the Senate as a separate and co-equal body,” Coloma added.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd earlier told reporters in an interview in Bali, Indonesia, that he respects Binay as a “friend” and a “senior” who is “the best judge as to what he has to do.”

    “At the end of the day, I really believe that the truth will come out. Anybody and everybody who knows and who has personal knowledge of the issue should help contribute to ferreting the truth [out],” the President said.

    He added that he was not interested in the investigation of the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building 2 or Binay’s alleged farm in Batangas province.

    When asked if he would advice Binay to appear before the Senate, Aquino said like his mother, the late former President Corazon Aquino, he does not give “unsolicited advice.”

    “Well, the Vice President is my senior in public service, he’s senior also chronologically . . . He is an astute politician, he’s a lawyer. He’s older. He should know what should be done,” he added.

    Aquino said he would give Binay “the respect and courtesy due his office and as a friend.”

    “He will be the best judge as to what he has to do,” he added.

    The Vice President “is entitled to due process, perhaps in a forum that is proper,” Aquino said.

    “I’m not saying that the Senate is not a proper forum. That is one of the forums that is available to him. And . . . when I force him to explain to me, at this point in time, allegations [they merely are]. I will wait,” the President added.

    According to him, getting the facts straight is principally the job of the Ombudsman.

    “But, perhaps other departments [having]relevant information will start giving me established facts. At that point in time, then I guess that would be the proper time to inquire from him,” he said. Referring to Binay.

    Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla, Binay’s spokesman on political concerns, said detractors of the Vice President have started mobilizing other government resources in their desperate attempt to pin him down.

    According to Remulla, the Department of Justice (DOJ), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) have joined the fray.

    Last week, Julia Bacay-Abad, AMLC executive director, confirmed that the government is monitoring “possible money-laundering offenses” in connection with the Senate inquiry into the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2.

    Justice Secretary Leila de Lima last week said the allegations against Binay have caught the “interest” of the DOJ and the agency is considering investigating the charges.

    De Lima admitted ordering the NBI on Friday to locate a former staff of the Vice President who allegedly received the former Makati City mayor’s kickbacks.

    “His opponents are desperate. The impending crisis of the gross violation of the Constitution brought about by the DAP [Disbursement Acceleration Program] has everyone running scared,” Remulla told The Manila Times in a text message.

    Malacanang also earlier dared critics of the Vice President to prove allegations that he got kickbacks from the construction of the controversial building and that his family owns a vast estate in Batangas.

    But Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the government is not using any of its resources in what appears to be an effort to reveal the Binays’ supposedly undeclared wealth.



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    1. The smoke of Binay’s alleged corruption is not clear. What is clear is the statement of swiz consul that there was extortion made by Vitangcol. As to who was behind that, it should be investigated. This government is persecuting the opposition by using the senate .

    2. I am learning more of the Binays and enjoying the expose. Bring it on Trillanes, Cayetano, Miriam, Pimentel! This is what Nancy Binay asked for- “Bring it on”. Trillanes, Cayetano and Pimentel are no dummies. These guys are no dummies and anyone of them will be the President one day. They’re smart and have guts!. Binay including family unfortunately were not. As they say, when there is a smoke there is a fire. Obviously democracy thrives in our country.

    3. Inilabas na ang mga Doberman,attack dogs everywhere!!
      Dap money ay ginagamit na!
      Parang putakti! Yellow color ay nagkalat na at handang sumipsip!!
      Abnoy at roxas gumagamit nang lahat, makaligtas lang sa pagdatingng karma!
      Ang mga anay ay nagkalat na!

    4. CJ Corona episode II. he he he. In aid of demolition. The LP is now throwing all their resources, their sleepers to bring down Binay. Unfortunately, if there will be an election right now, Binay will still win hands down. Sino ba ang hindi magnanakaw sa gobyerno. The fight will be called “Magnanakau na mayaman vs Magnananakau na mahirap” or Dilawan (yellow) vs Kayumanggi or Oligarch vs self made man. Yan lang yan. Nobody is free of corruption in our government. Kundi tawagin nating, LP vs Una or the yellowtard against the dark knight. He he he. Daming puedeng tawagin. Sige, magpatulong si PNoy sa tuta niyang mga Legislative para payagan magkaroon siya nang reelection.

    5. The Binays should prepare for the worst, this demolition is similar to that of CJ Corona were all govt resources will used to dig more dirt.

      • yes, answer the charges, when figures are shown that onuduro in the said building cost an atrocious 30,000.00, show figures that says it cost a reasonable 10,000, when figures are shown that labor for installation of lababo cost 8000.00, show figures that says it is only a reasonable 2000.

        so what if the charges come from the LP. If it really comes from the opposing party, the more you should show figures to defend yourself. Did you expect the LP to defend Binay? of course expect them to attack. and you should defend yourself. answer this, how much did makati pay for one onunduro in that building? is that so hard to answer?..

    6. Si Mr.13%VP Binay ay desperado na pati si Bishop Cruz ay na corrupt niya,to be one of his mouthpiece.Mr.13% napuntahan mo na yong mga Bagobo,puntahan mo naman yong mga kapua mong mga Aetas.

    7. The earliest VP J. Binay answer the adverse accusations thrown at him, will indeed clear the air of doubt and suspicion about the veracity of the now viral talk of the town like wild flowers.

    8. ‘“The drama is Malacañang-fueled. It too shall pass away,” Cruz said.’ ‘He likened the Senate probe to other previous controversies that ended up “nowhere.”’
      ‘”My advise to [the] people: Enjoy it till its ending, which is neither here nor there,” Cruz added.’

      My respect for Bishop Cruz is so much. He earned it so when he started his advocacy on “hweteng” and vigorously campaigned against it. His very strong stand on controversial issues that plague Gloria in her early years until the last were admirable indeed.

      But his seemingly silent stance on the corruption scandal faced by VP Binay is unbelievable. Unimaginable at the very least he being had shown himself actively vocal on almost every political issue besieging our Country.

      Now that hweteng issue seems to have died down he also seems to have transmuted and seldom heard from this days.

      It is surprising therefore to hear him again and most surprisingly indeed because his tune suddenly had changed as it appears no longer were originally the ones it used to before but had altogether shifted. And the shift is palpable. Look at the statements he just made regarding the Binay’s controversy, above. He even tried to look down on the Senate hearing hearing it. Doesn’t he knew that Justice Ong’s dismissal from Sandigan Bayan owes a lot of it as a result of the Hearings conducted by the Senate? The investigations done by the Special Body created by the Supreme Court had extracted considerable evidence made possible by the Senate?

      If he were true indeed to his resolve to helping our Country attain its long cherished dreams of having good governance in our midst he must not only selectively criticize but do it uniformly. And if he cannot in fact dwell consistently on that then he should at least not make statements that tend to favor one at the detriment of the other. Or, better yet keep his silence altogether.

    9. Yes, the Binay controversy will just end up in “nowhere”, like the DAP & PDAP controversies.

      • Trust our system it is working! Are’nt you glad we can speak up unlike the Chinese in the mainland China?

    10. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      Who will ever believe that the investigations being done on the VP are not Malacanang orchestrated? Only the idiots will do!.

      But, nontheless, these investigations are very much welcomed by the Filipino people.Everyone in the government with suspicious riches should be subjects of investigations; if this government is really transparent on “eliminating” all the corrupt officials. That’s what the submission of SALN’s are primarily for. But, the problem is there is no sincertiy and consistency in the way this president governs. He doesn’t walk his talk; calls the people his ‘bosses’, which is a lot of B.S. Aquino’s ‘pambobola’.

    11. Amlac , must to check his bank account and all this assets, and properties and also to based to their income and how they acquired their wealth , and the whistleblower also has a shared party it means it is true. Get all the figures and impeach him and fire him with his position and all the assets , bank account, anything must be confiscated to get bank to the treasury and the properties must me transfer to the government estate.

    12. castrov.2014@yahoo.com on

      you are all astute politicians (not neophyte but veterano with full knowledge and consent of dirty politicis.). do not be a cry baby.

    13. Why doesn’t the Binays just appear in the Senate and answer questions about the allegations against them? Jun jun has been caught pants down in his claims about the parking building to be world class and green. Turn out it’s not. Jejomar says he is prejudged, well, dispel what he claims he is being prejudged about by appearing and proving to the Filipino people that the Senators of the Inquiry are wrong. But he doesn’t appear. It’s his mouth that just keeps moving. It seems that Jejomar can’t disprove the allegations against him.

      Now he say’s he’ll cooperate with De Lima’s investigation. Wonderfull, right? Oh but wait Jejomar would only do this on his own terms. So, it’s the same old Binay doublespeak.

      Why doesn’t archbishop Cruz help the nation get over this issue and ask the Binays to go to the Senate and shut them senators up by disproving once and for all the allegations against instead of polarizing the issue by making unsubstantiated statements. Or maybe arch. Cruz just thirst for attention and itches to be in the news again.

    14. The guy who will benefit the most when Binay is successfully removed from his VP post is no other than sen. Drilon P-noy’s own LP point man in the senate and the number one DAP’er who just keeps his low profile for a moment until the DAP issue just fades away..Binay has some skeleton in his own dark closet that are needed to be exposed to the people. But these LP politicians must have their own as well it just a matter of exposing them and how media people support it. its all about race to who gets exposed first and has the means to make it bigger and louder for the people to be entertained and be taken for a ride with their dirty politics among corrupt politicians.

    15. Better use AMLC to show the Binay finances and enriching their family overnight. These nothing to do wether his running or not. Filipino want to know the truth. If Binay is not hiding anything why his afraid to face off his nemesis, who are trying to plot him absurd, if you’re not answering the question, something like Napoles, who did not answer what is the truth. So she’s inside the jail. Don’t use your position as VP. If they are attacking Duterte like these then for sure he will answer them to the senate face off. Binay is afraid because this are his cohorts, like Singson during Estrada and De Venecia during Arroyo.