• Palace: No special treatment


    Malacañang on Wednesday said police Director-General Alan Purisima is not being treated with kid gloves.

    “There’s no special treatment for General Purisima,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. told reporters in a text message.

    Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said Purisima “has no responsibility anymore in the Philippine National Police [PNP].”

    “He [Purisima] does not hold any position, so I don’t know what [Sen. Ferrdinand Marcos Jr.] is referring to. The reports have all been there. Insofar as being part of the organization, in the line organization, he does not hold any role anymore. So let’s keep it at that,” he told reporters.

    Lacierda’s statements came after Marcos accused President Benigno Aquino 3rd on Tuesday of giving “special treatment” to Purisima despite his alleged involvement in the planning and execution of Oplan Exodus, which led to the killing of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) troops from the PNP.

    Marcos, in a privileged speech, said Aquino’s refusal to appoint a permanent replacement for Purisima is an insult to the bereaved families of the slain police commandos, and the entire police force.

    Coloma said the Aquino administration will make sure that justice is served.

    “The government continues to work on giving justice to the slain members of the SAF in Mamasapano,” he said, referring to the town in Maguindanao where the police troops died last January.

    Coloma did not directly respond to Marcos’ challenge to Aquino to fire Purisima from the police force and charge him with usurpation of authority over the botched Mamasapano operation.

    Purisima, who was under a six-month preventive suspension for graft charges, will return to active duty this week. He, however, had gone on a month-long leave.

    Lacierda said the President is still choosing the most qualified candidate to be the next PNP chief.

    “Well, it’s in the process right now. Let’s just wait for the appointment, announcement, or the choice, ecision of the President on that point. But certainly, certainly, notwithstanding the absence, the Philippine National Police has been moving,” he added.

    The PNP officer-in-charge, Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina,is scheduled to retire next month.

    Purisima will still be in the service until he turns 56–the mandatory retirement age for police and military personnel–in November this year.


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    1. The Balay core would be the Liberal Party (LP) together with the Black and White Movement and the Akbayan headed by Ronald Llamas. Samar is where Maria Montelibano’s Media Bureau and Jojo Ochoa’s legal team held fort. Candidate Noy Aquino’s classmates, his sisters Pinky and Ballsy and Sonny Belmonte would join meetings in Samar.

      War between Balay and Samar

    2. The corrupt yellow regime can fool Filipinos some time but not all the time. Ang corrupt na tuwad na daan. Filipinos unite! Stop the corrupt LP yellow regime! Now na!

    3. So Purisima has no role, no position as Lacierda claims. If that’s the case, why is he still a member of the Philippine National Police. If he has no purpose then Aquino should ask his best buddy Purisima to resign, instead of allowing him to collect wages at the taxpayers’ expense for doing nothing. Lacierda should give his head a shake if he doesn’t see anything wrong with this. Maybe Lacierda should resign and bring somebody who can do the job better.

    4. Rudy Liporada on

      Even without any role anymore, Purisima will be back in the service, enjoy his leaves until her retirement, will enjoy his retirement benefits as the expense of Filipinos’ tax money (mostly from the coffers of OFW remittances) – Only in the Philippines. In Japan, he could have committed hara-kiri or now, more leniently, just abdicated his position from the beginning. In the Philippines, its called KapalMuks with the blessings of BS Aquino. For emphasis: only in the Philippines.

    5. This is the Philippines. Did anyone really expect the right thing to be done ?
      I’m surprised Aquino hasn’t endorsed Purisima for the next President.

    6. Prove it as the entire country are all waiting for it.
      Let Gen. Espina and Gen. Catapang extend their
      services for at least 1 year or so. At age 56 to retire
      is just the start of their carrier. With what is going on
      now , it is just a waste as we need this two highly
      qualified generals to help us all.

      For Pres. Aquino’s called DAANG MATUWID prove it
      once and for all. Our people both in the Philippines and
      abroad are all waiting. No more excuses this time around.