Palace not alarmed by Napoles’s mental state


She’s as normal as any person accused of illegal detention. Or perhaps plunder.

The Palace is not buying the claim of the camp of Janet Lim-Napoles that the detained businesswoman is in danger of suffering from mental illness, at least not yet.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte expressed such sentiments a day after Napoles’ lawyer, Lorna Kapunan, claimed before the media that her client is already showing signs of mental problems because Napoles has started talking to herself while she is in solitary confinement.

As such, Kapunan cited that her client needs a companion inside her detention cell.

“I do not know what has been the basis of Atty. Kapunan in saying such, but we can say that the prosecution is ready to contend that. The government is ready to determine if that was really her case,” Valte told state-run Radyo ng Bayan.

Napoles is incarcerated in Fort Sto. Domingo in Laguna because of the illegal detention charges leveled against her by her former employee and distant cousin Benhur Luy. The suspected pork barrel scam mastermind reportedly “senses” the presence of assassins outside her detention center.

“We certainly won’t immediately take their word for it,” Valte said.

Luy is one of the whistleblowers of the P10-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam which allegedly raked in by the bogus entities owned by Napoles.

In one instance in the Senate. Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the PDAF mess, Luy disclosed that the amount of Napoles’ cash kickbacks from PDAF-funded projects was so huge the money cannot fit into a vault that her employees were forced to place the money in a bathtub and underneath Napoles’ bed.


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  1. Edward Lybrand on

    I am just wondering about the decision of most of Mrs. Napoles staff to spill the beans about the wrongdoings of their boss? Have they felt that the arm of the law would soon be running after them, and that they decided to start making their own drama to save themselves from the claw of the justice system. While we are bombarded with all the accusations against Mrs. Napoles, have we thought of the sides of the so-called “whistleblowers”? Are they acting to protect themselves against possible charges of being in cahoots with the accused? Hmmmmm, do I smell something fishy about the whole brouhaha??

  2. Whats this I hear that Napoles is allowed to go to her home in Ayala Alabang to bathe and rest? I hope this is not true but all these posturings of Malacanang that Napoles’ alleged sanity issues are nonesense makes me suspect that it is just moro-moro to cover up the secret privileges Napoles is enjoying with Malacanang blessings no less.

  3. Is there any school teaches their student to lie?Is there any school who teaches their student to construct and organised a syndicate to steal public funds?If this schools are now opened and accepting students,then kapunan and napulis would be the principal and administrator.very disgusting!If she’s now crazy it is right and just!but not enough to cover up her thievery activity.

  4. Self style ng malacanang ito ha with Drilon in the midst or even at the forefront of such a gimmick (again!) bistado na itong makakapal ang mukhang ito!

  5. Lawyer Lorna Kapunan is suggesting that all of a sudden Janet Napoles is showing signs of mental instability because of her incarceration. Wow! This spin is simply over the top — a desperate attempt to muddle the issue or even solicit public sympathy.

    The truth is Napoles is one of the smartest fast operators the Philippines has ever seen. She not only used and destroy the name of NGOs to steal the taxpayers money with the collusion of senators, congressmen and local officials. She also corrupted bureaucrats who blindly signed public documents to facilitate the funds that went straight to her pocket and those of her politician-partners-in-crime.

    It is said that desperate situations demand desperate measures. And in the case of Napoles, feigning insanity is the ultimate alibi to save herself from the guillotine.

    The Filipino people are smart to see through these lies and machinations by Napoles and her ilk. With the billions of pesos grafters have bilked from the people’s money, Napoles and her powerful political patrons and co-conspirator will do anything — even buy the vulnerable in the media and judiciary — to save their skin.

    This is why the media should be always be vigilant and discerning, lest they be used as willing or unwitting tools by the greedy and corrupt evildoers in our midst.

  6. In about all courts anywhere in the world, mental illness is always the excuse to exonerate a guilty criminal. This is an old hat, probably a ploy and plan to prevent this thief from going to fail for life where she will not reveal the rest of the thieves who were bribed by PNoy. the King of Pork.

  7. Suggestion: Hasten the investigation of the senators accused of plunder and let them be with Napoles,,,,more than 3 is, dedfinitely, a crowd…they can have a party everyday!

  8. Atty. Kapunan nagpractice yan si miss napoles kung paano kakanta sa harap nang kasama niya kung matuloy man yln tingnan nyo ang mata nk jingoy at revilla mag wink yan si enrile sunset na angmga mata yan di ba sana e focus ang mga camera sa dalang ito.