• Palace on martial law: Never again

    REMEMBER THEM A worker cleans the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City on the eve of the 43rd anniversary of the declaration of martial law. The landmark contains the names of victims of martial law. PHOTO BY RUSSEL PALMA

    A worker cleans the Bantayog ng mga Bayani in Quezon City on the eve of the 43rd anniversary of the declaration of martial law. The landmark contains the names of victims of martial law. PHOTO BY RUSSEL PALMA

    MALACAÑANG on Sunday urged Filipinos to “never again” allow the imposition of martial rule, which a Palace official described as “one of the darkest chapters” in Philippine history, as the country commemorates Monday the 43rd anniversary of the declaration of martial law by the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. particularly called on the youth to learn from the lessons of the past, particularly the hardships suffered by the victims of human rights abuses then.

    “It’s almost two generations and those born after [martial law]have very little experience or knowledge of what we have experienced. That’s why they should understand and join us in declaring ‘never again’ or that the terror suffered by the Philippines under martial law should never happen again,” Coloma said in an interview over state-run Radyo ng Bayan.

    Himself a former activist, he added that the government of President Benigno Aquino 3rd joins the country in remembering and “honoring the sacrifices of the victims of martial rule.”

    “With courage, they defied harassment, cruel punishment and fear as they asserted and fought for the recognition of basic human rights at a time when the dictatorship demolished the house of democracy in our land,” Coloma said.

    “From their blood, sweat and tears, our people gathered and rebuilt their willpower and strength to mount wave upon wave of protest movements that culminated in the triumph of the EDSA People Power revolution in 1986,” he added.

    The Palace official said the people’s resistance and struggle against martial rule served as the foundation for rebuilding democracy in the Philippines “that served as a beacon of hope and inspiration for other freedom-loving people, who overcame dictatorship and rebuilt democracy in their land.”

    “Together with our efforts to ensure sustainable long-term growth, progress and stability that would include the active participation of all Filipinos, it is important to impart to the youth of our land the lessons learned from martial rule and the struggle to restore democracy, as our continuing legacy to all future generations of Filipinos,” he pointed out.

    Meanwhile, Coloma boasted that the country now enjoys the full benefits of press freedom, freedom of assembly and expression that were curtailed during the reign of Marcos.

    “We should be proud of our country for having full freedom,” he said.

    He recalled that while Marcos issued Proclamation 1081 on September 21, 1972, the military shut down various media outlets and incarcerated perceived enemies of the state beginning midnight of September 22.

    “It is very clear to us and other observers that freedom of the press in the Philippines is a good example on how it should be respected and practiced in a democracy. Compared to other countries, only a few have an effective freedom of the press,” Coloma pointed out.


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    1. For the sake of the country and her people NOTHING must be OFF the table. Sometimes martial law’s effectiveness in regards to a lot of things in lieu of “Come what may”. Am just sayin’.

    2. It is not Malacanang that reminds Filipinos of martial law, but rather its’ occupant, aptly put in the person of BS Cojuangco Aquino III and his collaborators, this reminder is a show of their fear of the rising popularity of the son of Marcos, something that they dread to imagine should Marcos win the presidency, and rule with conscionable justice for which he and family had long been derided as a dictator by a family of traitors.

      And, in part will open up the floodgates of civil and criminal cases against these purported champions of ‘daang matuwid’, in their desperation to avoid being hailed to jail for crimes committed against the republic and to the Filipinos, they are trying to cover up their plunderous and murderous deeds, with a reminder that befits their very nature – sans the use of martial law.

      • The son of Marcos, BoBong’s popularity is not rising at all in the Philippines.

        It may be rising only in the GI land where FBIs will support any GI regardless of the Ilocano family’s historical past riddled with murder, plunder, and complete mismanagement of the nation’s economy in Marcos’ 21 years in power!

    3. Bantayog ng Kagitingan is a list( of …or heroes ?)during the Martial Law years. The state has to fight , to defend herself against the threat of communism during that time as ideological polarization was spreading. This is a matter of survival

    4. It will not happen at this time without consulting to the requirements of declaring Martial Law or a State of Emergency. Without Martial Law , the communists have eaten the whole Philippines of their so called platonic state of government as espoused by Marx.. What happen to China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, in Indonesia. Unabated killings, purging, mass graves, relocation of populace. Only the politicians during the seventies who danced with CPP could be the beneficiaries when they won. Martial Law saved the Philippines from the pangs of communism.
      The whole country should not be ingrateful to the implementors of Martial Law or exhume the men and women who are buried in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani or pass a law that prohibits the burial of implementors who are still living during Martial Law in the LNMB.

    5. Coloma is just a boot licker….it’s his job to maintain his position in the government. I was already an adult during Martial Law and I saw with my own eyes the value it brought to the country. The human right victims, why blame it on Marcos…what about the human right abuses in the government after Marcos, why aren’t you blaming them on the presidents after Marcos and now Noynoy? Magtigil na kayo nang panglalait sa dating pangulong Marcos. Lahat nalang ibinintang ninyo..Coloma, bakit yang amo mo o nanay ng amo mo hindi pagandahin ang Pilipinas para masabing magaling sila kaysa kay Marcos. Wala kasing mga achievements kayat isisi nnalang kay Marcos ang lahat nang hindi makita ang basura nila! Shame on you Coloma and those who believe in this administration’s black propaganda against the Marcoses.

    6. I was in the Army during Martial law and I never considered it dark . It is this administration the DARKEST , the MOST CORRUPT , the ONLY President BRIBING HIS SENATE AND CONGRESS, the ONLY PRESIDENT TO IMPEACH A chief justice mainly beacause of personal vendetta , Aquino imprisoned Arroyo because he is scared that if ARROYO is around, his gross incompetence will always be displayed loud and clear . Aquinos paid media press publish false / fabricated news / figures to the unsuspecting/ignorant people saying his RATE IS NOW UP or whenever they want to fool the people . Now that election is near, media published that aquino’s rating is all of a sudden high high ( from where? based on what?)