• Palace pooh-poohs remit protest


    Malacañang on Wednesday pooh-poohed the planned “Zero Remittance Day” protest by migrant Filipinos, saying similar actions in the past had no effect on the country’s economy.

    “We experienced that in 2013 at the height of the PDAF [Priority Development Assistance Fund] or pork barrel issue and there were no reports that it had a negative effect,” Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. told reporters in Filipino.

    “With that as basis, we need not worry about it,” he said.

    Coloma noted that overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) may delay their remittances but they would still send money to their families.

    He, however, said Malacañang “respects the right of OFWs to express their sentiments.”

    The militant group Migrante on Tuesday announced that it would call for a “Zero Remittance Day” on Friday to express the indignation of migrant Filipinos over the planned tighter inspection of balikbayan or care boxes. The plan was scrapped on Tuesday on orders of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Migrante chairman Connie Bragas-Regalado said while they are pleased with Aquino’s order to the Bureau of Customs to halt the plan, they are still protesting the Bureau of Customs’ P600-million revenue target for balikbayan boxes.

    Coloma said while Malacañang recognizes the contributions of OFWs to the economy, there is still a need to fight smuggling, especially technical smuggling, which allegedly involves the use of balikbayan boxes.

    Sen. Francis Escudero, meanwhile, said the government stands to lose some P3.1 billion if the campaign for “zero remittance” pushes through this weekend.

    On the average, Escudero added, Filipino workers across the globe sent a combined remittance of $2.014 billion per month from January to June this year based on data of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

    He noted that a one-day remittance boycott could translate to losses of over $67 million, or some P3.1 billion (at P46.61 exchange rate), for the Philippine economy–money that could have been spent for the basic necessities of relatives of OFWs here such as food, clothing, shelter and utilities.

    According to the BSP, personal remittances from OFWs in 2014 set an all-time high for the country at $26.93 billion, which accounted for 8.5 percent of the gross domestic product last year.

    During the first half of 2015, it reported that personal remittances from OFWs grew by 6.2 percent to $12.7 billion from $11.9 billion during the same period last year. With PNA


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    1. Ay lagot MAR…negative ang arrive mo sa OFW. The multiplier effect of that negativity from one OFW transcends up to the nth consanguinity (blood relatives) who happen to benefit from remittances and the contents of the BBBs; not to include ang mga kasambahay as in “Day wag mo buto LP, ha. wala ka sweldo sige ka”. E yong mga boyfriends pa ni Day, lalo na dumami. Laos ka na MAR wala pa 2016. Isip-isip ka MAR baka laglagan na sa partido LP mo?

    2. This is a manifestation of the Palace Boss with a mindset of an ELITIST, filthy rich hacendero thumping his very nose on the very commoners people he despise with a smirk…and the whole Thieving Gangsters of Yellow-ist Cult are praising their Boss to high heavens as if this manna from heaven is a fodder for their electioneering stunts…

      Diyan pa sa BoC, eh clerk nga lang diyan may dina drive na Porsche, si Bossing pa? Helllooooo?????

    3. Instead of Zero Remittance Day…

      Why not boycott all LP candidates this coming 2016 Election.. mahaba habang paghahanda yan para malaman ng Administrasyon na ito ang kanilang kahayupan..

    4. Clean up BOC of corruption,smugglers and tax evaders,huwag niyong pakialaman ang maliit na balikbayan box.

    5. It’s really unbelievable that the Aquino administration can have the audacity of showing a negative attitude regarding the OFW’s protest. This only confirms its “insensitivity” on the concerns of the OFWs. Instead of pacifyiing them, Malacanang continues to ‘belittle’ their move of showing the displeasure on the government’s move. Truly, Pres. B S Aquino has a “student council” for a group with ‘elitist’ attitude. Public relations wise, the Aquino government “sucks”!

      • Calling all OFWs, let us show these morons in Malacanang who are their bosses… ask all your relatives NOT to vote any LP on 2016. Let us all campaign against these yellow shirted candidates. We are in millions and several times the saviours of the Philippine economy during several crippling world and Asian financial crisis’. We and our relatives in the Philippines could rid the government of these moronic yellow thieves and their minions in 2016.

    6. Talagang hambog at mayayabang ang taga Malacanang! Matagal na yan! Di pa ba kayo nakakahalata…subukin natin wag magpadala ng remittances, kung saang paraan na lang natin daanin. Alam kasi nila (taga Malacanang) na mahihirap ang tao at di makakatiis na di sila magpadala ng pera kaya malakas ang loob nila. Ganyan ang pagkaalam nila na mahihirap at pobre ang bansa kaya nga di sila nagsabi na umuwi na kayo sa Pinas dahil alam nilang lalo pa nilang ginawang pobre ang Pinas. Totoo yan, di nila matatanggihan yan, hinding hindi. Wala kag panalo Mar, maniwala ka di ka mananalo!

    7. Maurice Charndorn on

      Coloma, however, said” Malacañang “respects the right of OFWs to express their sentiments:” Why don’t he just shut his mouth? Of course, OFWs knew it has little or no effect at all with the economy. He does’n got the OFW message which was very clear. OFWS WERE NOT HAPPY WITH YOU PEOPLE RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT AND THE KIND OF SERVICE WE ARE GETTING FROM YOU. You’re agencies started this all for considering us OFWS to some sort of SMUGGLERS, which we can never be and could not possibly become here from the Country which temporarily adopted us. As delusional as these government servants are of thinking that the Balikbayan Boxes could ever leave their point of origin without passing through strict inspection using a more technologically advance inspection x-ray mechanism than what the BOC in Manila admitted that they don’t even use and not Technologically equipped yet.

    8. Let us not destroy our economy because of the legendary insensitivity of our government officials. May we be ever this vigilant to make our will to known and done by our government. At this point, the ten million plus OFWs being the life blood of the economy should have a say and through the social media in guarding and guiding the course of our nation building. We should understand that Pnoy was a mediocre brain catapulted to presidency because of wrong reasons, the death of her mother… SO people of the Philippines, take charge but don’t destroy the economy because we now suffer for electing an unqualified president.

    9. I have expressed earlier my wonder whether Coloma and the rest of the dumb and dumber gang including lina and barsaga are out to deliberately sabotage the chances of mar because it would seem that what these morons are doing are so obviously derogatory to mar’s candidacy it could not be interpreted any other way. But I demurred right away with the counter thought that these people are just that morons to the core. They are so dumb that it is really beyond them to hatch a plot like that but sorry for Mar he has them one way or the other and to my mind it certainly serves him right being no more than a clone of the top honcho of the d&d gang mouthing no other vision but the continuation of the farcical “daang matuwid” (omg! can’t he even be original for once even just one bit).

    10. Maria Stevens on

      The ten million OFWs who keep this country solvent, would love to punish the bunch of posturing plunderers who try to rip them off cat every opportunity..but fortunately they REALLY CARE about their beloved families

    11. OFW remittance mina maliit ni Coloma ok o eto no votes for Liberal Party and friends from OFWs and their relatives!

      • Korek ka dyan kaibigan. Duon man lang maramdaman ng mga ungas na tiga malacanang na to ang sentimyento nating mga OFW. Tutal hindi raw nila (gobyerno) naramdaman ang bilyong bilyong pisong ipinapasok natin. Kawawa ka naman Mar Roxas, talagang kangkungan ang bagsak mo dahil sa mga unutil na mga yan. TO ALL OFW, PLEASE LET OUR VOTES MAKE A DIFFERENCE THIS TIME. NO TO ANY LP CANDIDATE. Salamat po…

      • Yeah I agree, ayoko na sa LP, they pushing us to look for another deserving candidate….hindi totoong makamasa, kailangan natin ng pusong maawain at mahabagin sa ating mga ordinaryong mamamayan.