Palace: Pork didn’t taint PNoy’s Mr. Clean image


As far as Malacañang is concerned the scandal over lawmakers’ misuse of public funds has not tainted the Mr. Clean image of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

The Palace did not agree with Reuters reporter Manuel Mogato’s analysis that the pork barrel issue “has become the biggest crisis of Aquino’s three-year rule, tainting his carefully crafted image as a corruption fighter and undermining his ability to push economic reforms.”

Just the same, the President really is concerned about addressing the issues confronting his administration, presidential deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said on Friday.

The President is “sufficiently addressing the issues that confront the country and making sure that they are paid proper attention,” Valte said, noting that the recent surveys show public support for Aquino’s “daang matuwid” (straight path) police has not waned.

”The platform of the President should really stay the course with anti-corruption—meaning, important to make sure that those who are found accountable will be made accountable and that at the end of the day,” she said.

Valte said “there is always a group, or there is always someone who will stand up and say, ‘This is the biggest crisis [for Aquino]thus far.’ But, as far as we’re concerned, there are also many other priorities and many other issues that the President focuses his attention on.”

”At this point, it’s important for us to make sure that systems are in place to avoid any fund misuse. I think even the President himself acknowledges that we’ve been making headway into this but we still need to do more,” she said.

Valte conceded that funds of different state agencies may have been misused. “It’s hard to say 100 percent that it is not being misused. What’s important to us is that it’s discovered quickly and that charges are pressed and the people who are supposedly responsible are made accountable for their actions if and when there are cases of misuse,” she said.

On the proposed abolition of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), widely considered to be the President’s own pork barrel, Valte said they prefer to wait for the Supreme Court decision regarding its constitutionality.

”The Disbursement Acceleration Program is nothing but the use of realigned savings for other purposes that have already been laid out in the General Appropriations Act,” she said. “And given that it’s being challenged already in the Supreme Court, it would be best for us to wait for the pronouncement or any decision of the Supreme Court on this.”

Valte said “it’s best to wait, considering that the Court has already moved to consolidate the six different petitions against the constitutionality of the DAP.”

Valte said she respects any opinion or criticisms against President Aquino’s speech on Wednesday night.

”We have always been forthright with the facts and explaining and have always been ready to explain the ins and the outs of the Disbursement Acceleration Program, which we tried to do in the past months that this has been an issue in the public eye,” she said.

”But at that particular point in time, the President felt that it was important for, at least, the public to hear what he had to say about these issues and I think he succeeded in so far as letting the public know,” Valte said.


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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    Budget Realignment and Juggling of Funds are completely similar and are both illegal which could be both termed as MISUSE OF FUNDS. Budgeted Projects passed in Congress whose funds are channelled to other purposes is called MISAPPROPRIATION OF PUBLIC FUNDS. Much more so if the final objective promotes POLITICAL PATRONAGE TO MAINTAIN POWER. This is what PINOY is doing and his insistence of justifying his actions is PRECISELY WRONG. We have a President who is ignorant of the LAWS with a TEAM OF SCRAP TECHNOCRATS and an ARMY OF CROATS IN COATS POLITICAL ALLIES! THE BOTTOMLINE: WE ARE NOW TOTALLY MISLED TO A PATH OF QUANDARY as a DIVERSION of what they are calling TUWID NA DAAN!

  2. Oh yeah? Go tell it to the marines. Who do you think you are fooling? Not me babe, and I belong to the intellectual middle class. Didn’t taint Pinoy? My foot. There is nothing to be tainted. He has been, and his credibility is too low, everybody is now beginning to suspect. drama lang yong kanya at palabas.ABOLISH PORK BARREL BUT DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MINE. Daang baluktot kamo Mr. King of Pork Barrel

  3. VALTE: ”The Disbursement Acceleration Program is nothing but the use of realigned savings for other purposes that have already been laid out in the General Appropriations Act”.
    Heavens ! What a great LIE! The disbursement acceleration program fund was used to bribe congressmen and senators to impeach a chief justice. Same fund was also used to bribe lawmakers of both houses to pass the RH Law. Now, where in the General Appropriations Acts are these stipulated?
    Is it beyond Malacanang and its image makers to have a healthy respect for the intelligence of the Filipinos?

  4. DAP and Pork Barrel in it’s face value and intent are good instrument and tools to help improve the lives of the people. It became evil when someone make use of it in a wrong way. No body is a real saint in the executive legislative and judiciary but it does not mean all are evil. There are those in power that make use of their offices and position to circumvent the law and that is where we have to focus our attention. Opposition who talks a lot against the leader who is struggling to make people’s life better and getting rid of thieves and corrupt officials but do nothing but talking only is worthless than the dust and the source of hope for the thieves to escape and continue the old menacing act making all of us victim where the poor become poorer and the thieves become richer.

  5. what Mr. Clean? madumi na yan nang pumasok sa gobyerno. remember the security contract na nakuha nya noong panahon nang nany nya na santo daw. Lokohin nu lolo nu. He is not as clean as you him to be, he is even murkier than the water at pasig river.

  6. Di wag kayong maniwala. Sino ba niloloko niyo kundi sarili niyo! Ang taong ayaw tanggapin ang kanyang kamalian ay hinding hindi makakaalis sa kanyang kinalalagyan. Mananatili siyang bobo, sira ulo, disturbed, insecure, walang direction, mapag higanti, depressed, confused, paranoid, bilib sa sarili! I’m sorry for you and i’m very sorry for the Filipino nation (although we actually deserve the punishment we get for allowing the majority to vote for you).

  7. Ano pa naman ang kailangan niyong patunayan, talaga namang matatapang ang hiya niyo, lalo na si Pnoy, nawalan na ng delikadeza, hindi naman siguro siya pinalaking maging corrupt at tagapagalaga ng mga corrupt, talaga sigurong ganyan kung nakikinabang ka sa kanila, hindi mo sila maitapon lalo na sila Abad,Ochoa,Drilon. Pagigihan mo Pnoy ang pagtatanggol at pagkukubli sa kanila. Abigail Valte nariyan ka pa pala.