• Palace probes oust-Duterte plot


    MALACAÑANG already knows the identities of the people behind the plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte and these are being investigated, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said Tuesday.

    Andanar warned the plotters to think twice before carrying out their plan because ousting a President is against the law.

    The Palace official said he received information about the supposed plan from “credible sources in the United States.”

    “We are aware of this and we have names. I’ve received names but I’m not going to mention [them]because I was once a journalist and we might be charged [with]libel,” he told reporters.

    He added that these names will undergo a “vetting” process as part of the investigation.

    “We know who they are, we are studying it. The warning is just be careful in what you plan because it’s against the law,” Andanar said.

    “We are looking into it, investigating it and we will protect our President whatever it takes,” Andanar said.

    “Whoever is planning an ouster or a coup d’etat, just be careful with what you do and just make sure that whatever you do is within the bounds of the Constitution,” Andanar said in a news conference.

    “Just think twice because it is not lawful when you bring down a government. And rest assured that we will protect our President,” he added.

    “We take any destabilization move seriously whether it’s a rumor or it’s A-1 information. It’s against the law. It’s inciting rebellion,” he said.

    On Monday, Andanar said a fellow Cabinet member in New York bared that a group of Filipino-Americans were plotting to oust Duterte by 2017.

    “I will just not mention his name. He also heard in New York that there are Filipino-Americans who are planning, they are hatching a plan to oust the President by January 2017,” Andanar said.

    But he expressed confidence the ouster plot will not prosper because Duterte obtained a 91 percent trust rating early in his presidency.

    Duterte had accused the “Yellows”—members of the erstwhile ruling Liberal party—of involvement in the plot to impeach him, but Vice President Leni Robredo denied this.


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