Palace pushes lifestyle checks on all officials


MALACAÑANG on Monday said all government officials should be subjected to lifestyle checks to ensure that they live within their means and are not involved in any wrongdoing.

“Lifestyle check [covers]all government officials. In one way or another, [we]are all subject to lifestyle check because we’re supposed to lead lives equivalent to the standards of our compensation, standards of what good governance should be,” Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said.

The official made the remark in reaction to Interior and Local Government Secretary Manule Roxas 2nd’s directive that all officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) undergo such probe in order to find out if they have ill-gotten assets.
“This is not limited to DILG [Department of the Interior and Local Government] and the DOF [Department of Finance],” Lacierda told a news briefing.

According to him, the Office of the Ombudsman is mandated to conduct lifestyle checks based on a complaint against any official.

In fact, Lacierda said, the Finance department has been conducting lifestyle checks on the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

“It’s not something new. That is something that is expected for all of us in government to see whether our means, our lifestyle exceeds our means,” he added.
Lacierda noted that all government officials, not only the PNP, should welcome the call of Roxas.

“Let me just emphasize [that]this is not the first time that [this]is happening in the government. This has been ongoing. A lifestyle check has been ongoing in the other departments in the executive branch,” he pointed out.

When asked by The Manila Times to clarify whether his statements could mean that a government-wide lifestyle check is in order, Lacierda replied: “[Roxas] initiated lifestyle check in PNP and incidentally, not sure of this since they are independent, but doesn’t the Ombudsman also conduct lifestyle check based on complaints they receive?”

What he is definitely sure of, he explained, is that such checks in the DOF, BIR and BOC “have been ongoing based on complaints and also based on” is the government website that indicates where government funds are spent. Also, it is a platform where complaints on officials’ lavish lifestyles or suspected ill-gotten wealth can be relayed to higher authorities.

Roxas earlier announced that he was planning to coordinate with the BIR for possible lifestyle checks on members of the PNP over reports on the allegedly huge assets accumulated by some police officials.

The DILG chief said the lifestyle checks aim to weed out corrupt PNP members and have them punished for any misdeed.

Roxas was prompted to call for such probes in the wake of recent criminal incidents involving PNP personnel such as the robbery along EDSA in Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila) that was caught on camera and went viral this month.

The photo led to the arrest and surrender of the police officers and civilian assets who were involved in what turned out to be a “hulidap,” a colloquial term for kidnapping and hold-up.


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  1. What a waste of time. Papogi lang ni Roxas yan para smoke screen Kay Purusama PNP THIEF. Why hasn’t he said anything about the THIEF PURUSAMA? Takot sya Baka sabonin sya no Kalbo. Imagine kung may utak Ito bakit nag papa under Kay Kalbo? And he wants to be president? Ang kapal ng mukha mo Roxas, under ka na ni Corina SIPSIPka pa Kay Kalbo.

  2. aresyo goodfriend on

    Lifestyle check may be hard to implement and be complete without the FOI bill. Time to pass the FOI bill.

  3. propaganda lang yan para mapagtakpan ang kagaguguhan nila kakahiya sila sobrang bwaya at pagkalinta

  4. Roxas should do this. Take the people he said will be doing a life style check on cops and have them fill out the necessary paperwork to indefinitely suspend, without pay, all identified PNP personnel in any criminal activity. This includes those involved in the 2 million holdup, the murders, the shakedowns, and the bribes. We need to remove the organized crime syndicate from the PNP. Next get the NBI to investigate and help prosecute all reported wrong doings of the PNP. There are two prinicples that need to be followed. First a life style check can only point out those living beyond their lawful means and then will require an investigation to find out where the money came from. This is a waste of time. Second there is a crime syndicate within the PNP and everyone in the PNP know the members. Let’s get some of them in jail now and see if we can’t get someone to spill the beans on how it is operating.

  5. Yes i agree with the lifestyle check being proposed by Mar. He should initiate one in his old agency – dti – where high flying crooks now thrive. One is a newly appointed usec who loves to travel at gov’t expense and another one who has embezzled millions of pesos and who got away by the simple act of resigning and migrating to the states. Who should be held responsible?

  6. lip service lang yan good for press release lang. Ipupusta ko ang aking isang buliling walang mangyayari dyan. Iba kasi ang presas release kaysa sa ginagawa nila.

  7. So these lifestyle checks have been happening for sometime, well was anyone caught living beyond their means & if so what happened to that person & why wasnt it published in the media for all to see.
    Anyone who opposes these checks must be up to no good as if you have nothing to hide you also have nothing to worry about. Now those who do oppose it are the same as those who opposed removing the bank secrecy law. Take no notice of the stupid reasons they gave there was only 1 reason why they opposed it & that is they or there family have money they want to hide. Its so strange how normal people with peso accounts arnt given the same bank secrecy protection & i ask why not, what is the difference, & if having no bank secrecy protection for a peso account & that doesnt affect the confidence in the banking sector then how on earth can not haveing the bank secrecy law also affect confidence in the banking world.
    Dont let these corrupt people keep fooling us as that is what they are doing.

  8. Knee jerk reaction as usual. I have never seen or heard anybody in government indicted on the basis of “lifestyle check” and I am not expecting any this time. Lacierda and roxas should just keep their mouths shut, that I wasted my time and sanity reading about this simply beats me I should remind myself to just ignore them every time.

  9. Bobski Natividad on

    Thats a good move, Since the time of Pres. Ramos I have observe that only politicians and high ranking goverment officials live in palatial houses, ride luxury cars, that makes one wonder were are all those money coming from.

  10. FIRST of ALL give JUSTICE to the POLICE CHIEF killed by fellow POLICEMEN because of the POLICE DRUG SYNDICATE followed by the POLICE KIDNAP or HULIDAP from a businessman where they took the 2 million cash possible give them the FIRING SQUAD penalties

  11. Celedonio Borja on

    If you check the life style of ALL the Police Officers from Directors to Inspectors you will find that the assets the have will NEVER match with what the earned, same also with the BIR and most especially the CUSTOMS personnel, baka nigas kugon lang ito. please do it heartily Mar Roxas some POLICE GENERALS are residing in some very exclusive villages like AYALA ALABANG start from Chief PNP PURISIMA, the CLASS 81 PMA

  12. Lacierda will be putting his foot in his mouth once again. How can this “life-style” check succeed when we know mischievous PNoy will immediately absolve and protect his allies when they are caught. How can PNoy do anything with the unexplained wealth of Ochoa, Puno, Abad and his strongest ally in the Senate Franklin Lolong Drillon? How about Alcala, Soliman and the rest of them? Lifestyle check, my foot.

  13. aresyo goodfriend on

    why not pass the FOI bill too? this surely prevent or at least reduce government corruption and plundering.

  14. It’s a good intention but it won’t work. For as long as you can use a dummy as your front or a numbered account abroad this check is nonsense.