• Palace rejects poll recount

    Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda

    Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda

    Malacañang and the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Wednesday rejected the proposal of civil groups to manually recount votes cast during the May 13 elections because of allegations that the results were pre-programmed.

    The Comelec challenged Tanggulang Demokrasya (Tandem) to show proof of poll manipulation, while Palace officials said a manual recount is not needed to check the accuracy of the automated results.

    Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. said Tandem needs to present evidence to back its allegations before the commission can take action. He added that the poll body will hold a manual count if Tandem shoulders the expenses.

    “They should tell us if they know of somebody who did the pre-programming,” Brillantes said.

    “That’s okay as long as they pay, they should make a deposit. In 2010, Mar Roxas filed a protest and it cost him P153 million. Perhaps a bigger amount is needed here, about P200 million. They show us the money, we will open all the ballot boxes,” he said
    On Tuesday, Tandem called on the Comelec to manually count ballots in 78,000 precincts, saying a “template” appeared to have been used across the country, making the results of the May 13 elections “good as trash.”

    Adolfo Paglinawan, a political activist and Convenor of the Solidarity for Sovereignty, said the 12 senators who have already been proclaimed by the Comelec were “digitally-elected.”

    He maintained that massive poll discrepancies included the pre-programming of the election results. He said a 60-30-10 pattern—60 percent of votes for administration candidates, 30 percent for the opposition, and 10 percent to independent candidates—was observed nationwide.

    Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said a manual recount is no longer needed as he insisted that there was a “synchronized national and local elections”.

    “Isn’t that proof enough that the elections was credible?” Lacierda said. “ We would have preferred that we sweep the entire slate, but we did not.”

    “We already have stated our position there. We did not win the entire slate; we did not win in the local elections, how much more proof do you want as to the legitimacy of these elections?” he added.

    “People would like to question the election, let them do that. But it’s very clear that the people have spoken and you’ve not seen any strong protests from the people,” Lacierda said

    “The people have accepted the votes. The people have accepted the 12 as legitimately elected by them. So the people have spoken and that’s it,” he said.

    Lacierda however said the Comelec should proceed with a Random Manual Audit (RMA) because the law requires it.

    Brillantes earlier said an RMA is sufficient to validate the accuracy of the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines.

    Under Republic Act 9369, a manual audit must be conducted in one polling precinct per congressional district randomly chosen by the Comelec.


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    1. Bernardo Dacles on

      How on earth can a country mature in terms electoral processes?If all elections will be protested then it creates a mockery of the whole electoral system. As the saying goes in every election there will always be the winner and the cheated. Public leaders are public trust and we as the constituents should learn and create a culture of trust worthyness and being sport that the new generation can emulate to lead the our country in the future governance.

    2. To profound an idea of manually recount votes cast during the May 2013 election because of allegations that the results were pre-programmed is a futile endeavor against this PCOS-Produced Administration. Anything incriminatory will be rejected.

    3. randhee sabado laguitan on

      sana po my recount….kase lahat ng jalosjos sa zamboanga del norte,sibugay talo…impossible…