Palace rejects proposed life-time tax exemption for Pacquiao


Malacañang on Friday rejected the proposal to exempt boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao from paying income taxes for the rest of his life.

“Hindi makatwiran ang panukalang iyan [That bill is not reasonable],” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said, referring to a bill proposed in the House of Representatives that seeks to grant lifetime tax exemption to Pacquiao.

Coloma stressed that paying taxes is one of the basic obligations of every Filipino citizen.

“Tungkulin po ng bawat mamamayan ang pagbayad ng tamang buwis [It is the duty of all Filipinos to pay taxes],” he added.

Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo of Valenzuela, earlier filed a bill to save Pacquiao, who is also Sarangani representative, the trouble of paying income taxes for as long as he lives, for the outstanding honor and pride the “People’s Champ” has given to his countrymen.

The bill comes on the heels of another measure that seeks to exempt his winnings in the ring from being taxed.

The exemption would apply to prizes and awards in all competitions earned 10 years prior to the effectivity of the proposed law.

However, Coloma maintained that tax exemption only applied to certain sectors of society depending on their capacity to pay, including minimum wage earners.

He believes that those lawmakers “are using that general frame.”|

“So ang amin pa rin pong pananaw ay mahalagang tungkulin ng mga mamamayan na suportahan ang kanilang pamahalaan sa pamamagitan ng pagbabayad ng tamang buwis sa tamang oras [As far as the government is concerned, it is the responsibility of citizens to support the government to pay their correct rights at the right time],” Coloma said
“Kaya kung iyan po ang pagbabatayan, sa aming palagay ay hindi makatwiran iyong panukalang iyan [If that is the basis, such bill is not reasonable],” he added.


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  1. The people of Valenzuela should and must remember that name, Magtangol Guinigundo and make sure that he does get elected in any office he seeks in 2016. A government official with that mentality is a ” salot na magsasamantala sa lipunang naagpapasweldo sa kanya”.

  2. he should not be exempted. if he really wants to be a legendary hero of the Filipino people then he should pay taxes period. Besides, he also makes a lot of money in local endorsements and various businesses he established. Maybe when he retire there will be a movie about his life to fame and fortune. PHL is a 3rd world country that needs all the revenues it can collect and provide for basic services and build more modern infrastructures. Manny should know better than that. those politicians who proposed this stupid idea and law should not be re-elected. this is the result of voting for unqualified politicians. they make stupid laws.

  3. Rep. Manny Pacquiao is like any Filipino who works and earns decently. Just like the rest of us, we have the duty to support our government by paying our taxes. While it’s true that aside from the pride, the congressman-boxer helps stop criminality and traffic every time he’s on the ring. But remember, the patronage the Madlang People is giving him contributes to the “contract price” that enriches him and other people involved. It’s but appropriate that he be asked to pay his taxes. Let’s take a cue from the richest and most powerful nation in the world who never exempted Muhammad Ali from his civil obligation.

  4. This bill is asinine! It is as foolish as the congressman who proposed it and the congressmen who supported it.

  5. Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo of Valenzuela is a typical example of our lawmakers who would sacrifice the welfare of the country to give favor to someone within their circle of family and friends. For every victory of Pacquiao, he is given recognition and honor by the government and the people. In fact, he has been commissioned as an officer of the military Reserved Force due to the glory he has given the country. Giving tax exemption to billionaire Pacquiao while the “isang kahig, isang tuka” Filipino pay his dues is not only unfair but totally unacceptable. The likes of Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo in congress make this country remain a 3rd world.

  6. While I am a big fan of Manny Pacquiao, I do not agree that he should be exempted from paying income taxes. It’s the duty of every Filipino citizen to pay taxes; no one should be exempted – not even Pacquiao.

    If we want to give him the honor that he rightly deserves, let’s give him the highest Medal of Honor that our country could possibly give a hero like him. But to exempt a billionaire like Manny from paying taxes while millions of our people live in grinding poverty, is not just unwise and but also unfair.

  7. Bakit kaya may “twisted” pag-iisip yun mambabatas na yan! Seguro para hindi siya ma-konsiensya mag-kukurakot pera ng nagbabayad ng buwis! Wala nabang maisip gumawa ng panukawa na ginagamit yun utak (kung mayroon)!

  8. sec coloma is correct, nobody should be exempt to pay your tax, and that is the career he had chosen to get rich, just show your certified true copy of irs form here in america, that’s it, no question ask

  9. Pnoy must have become frantic again with this possible tax exemption for Pacquiao he likely ordered his subalterns to comeup with all possible arguments to stop the proposed bill of Rep Gunigundo from passing. Kim Henares on cue says its unfair and unconstitutional and Coloma adds “tax exemptions applied only to certain sectors of society depending on their capacity to pay” (huh?). The power of taxation is lodged in congress which includes both imposition of tax and exemption from it. Whats so unconstitutional about a law that exempts Pacquiao? I say let congress debate on the bill and let it pass into law if the lawmakers deem it right and give pnoy the opportunity to veto it. Kim says its “unfair” but why I ask. It would be unfair if the law will grant an exclusive exemption to Pacquiao disqualifying anyone else who might be similarly situated from such exemption. Coloma’s statement does not make any sense to me that tax exemptions apply only to “certain sectors of society depending on their capacity to pay”. How does such pronouncement disqualify pacquiao from the proposed exemption? But I cannot blame Kim and Coloma for their bumbling efforts to cater to pnoy’s whims, the order of their boss has been issued they just have to be creative don’t they.

  10. Horror bill if these bill to exempt Any sports that give accolade or recognition to the country, then how about the Soldier, who risk lives just fulfill his duty. They are both the same bringing honor and glory. Then everybody will ask for tax exemption.

  11. Filipinos should thank Freddie Roach, Bob Arum and HBO for making PacMan and the philippines famous. They are the ones who did the hard work. Manny Pacquiao is only one of their products.

    So there’ no way pacquiao be exempted from tax. It’s a shame for Pacquiao being a congressman who doesn’t know anything about building a great nation, except giving away money to the poor (which I think helping them become parasites) and for other reasons. Teaching them how to make a living might help. But unfortunately, Manny doesn’t have that ability. Evading from tax is a classic example of corruption. That’s what he (as a congressman) is teaching us.