Palace shrugs off calls for Aquino to step down


MALACAÑANG on Friday belittled a call by the National Transformation Council (NTC) for President Benigno Aquino 3rd to resign for losing the moral ascendancy to lead the country.

In separate statements, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. and Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda took turns in defending the President from the NTC attacks.

Both noted that majority of the people want Aquino to finish his term.

“The President is duty-bound to fulfill his mandate from the people.  He remains firmly committed to pursue the reforms aimed at achieving stable and inclusive growth for the country.  These reforms have been established on the platform of good governance and have gained acceptance by the vast majority of our people, as well as recognition from the international community,” Coloma said.

In a front-page article in The Manila Times on Friday, former senator Francisco Tatad wrote that the “heat is on” for President Aquino who, he said, “has sinned and continues to sin” against the Constitution.

Tatad was referring to Aquino’s expressed openness in extending his term and for limiting the powers of the judiciary, which he accused of abusing its “reach.”

From Lipa City, Batangas on August 27 to Cebu City on Wednesday, October 1, assemblies  convened by the council have pursued their call for the President to step down.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, who hosted the assembly in the city, challenged  Aquino to quit immediately.

On October 1 in Cebu City, the call became much sharper and  Arguelles’ message, much stronger, according to Tatad.

The Cebu assembly called on the council to “pursue all necessary and available lawful means to compel President Aquino to step down at the soonest possible time” and “to immediately organize an alternative government, consisting of men and women of integrity and proven worth.”

But Coloma said real “transformation” has been achieved by the President for the people.

“The transformation of the country from being regarded as ‘the sick man of Asia’ to Asia’s fastest-growing economy has been achieved because of the people’s robust support for the administration’s reform programs,” he added.

Instead of listening to the NTC’s call, Coloma said, the government will “move forward.”

“The government will continue to invest in improving the quality of life and developing the fullest potentials of its most valuable resources, the Filipino people,” he added.

Lacierda said majority of the people disagree with the view of the council.

He pointed out that the group failed to consider that  society is “pluralistic” in nature and is not swayed by the whims of the few.

“We obviously differ from their assessment. We go about conducting the business of governance. We live in a pluralistic society,” Lacierda said.

Gen. Gregorio Catapang, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff, said the “Cebu Declaration” is part of the citizens’ right of expression, not part of a plan to destabilize the government.

“Everybody is free to say what he feels for as long as they will not bear arms,” Catapang told reporters after attending the finance committee hearing on the proposed 2015 budget of the Department of National Defense (DND).

In an interview, Senate President Franklin Drilon said there is no reason for the President to resign.

“Absolutely no basis and uncalled for,” Drilon said.

If it is true that President Aquino had plans to extend his term, he should abandon them now that majority of Filipinos have voiced their objection, Sen. Joseph Victor Ejercito said.

Aquino should instead make use of his remaining time in Malacanang to focus on providing the services to the public that would make them feel the supposed progress his administration is boasting about. With report from


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  1. Shrugging off the concern of the people shows how utterly apathetic BSA is to common human emotions. Also he is really tempting said people to do something really “extreme” to him…

  2. For 4 years walang ginawa si Abnoy tungkol sa BAHA pangunahing problema after poverty. Education and Unemployment. Ni isa rito wala man lang naumpisahan
    daming perang bilyon of pesos PDAF and DAP nasayang at iba hindi am accounted for.

  3. A “Playful Autistic President” is naturally not affected and unresponsive in any given influence of “QUIT CALLS” and negative public opinions, he will stay on course, refuse to yield and he remains committed to doing what is right and what is best for all his oligarch friends’ business associates and political patrons. But definitely no to the 100 million population.

  4. Malabong magresign yan si abnoy di lang makapal ang mukha niyan kundi takot yan makasuhan at makulong sa kanyang pinaggagawa.Sigurado ako pagkatapos ng termino niyan katakuttakut na kaso ang isasampa sa kanya baka magsuicide pa yan kung may delikadesa yan.

  5. Manny De Guzman on

    Lahat ng TAO sa malaskanyang ay SIRA na ang mga ulo. Wala ng kahihiyan nagbubulagbulagan, nagbibinghin dahil mga MANHID at MAKAKAPAL ang mga MUKHA. Hatak sa KASINUNGALAN AT KAYABANGAN. Mga taong hindi dapat pagbigyang mabuhay sa mundong ito. Nasaan kaya ang mga aswang at mangkukulam ngayon bakit hindi sila kumilos kong sila ay apektado ng gobyernong ito. Walang kasing gulo ng mga nakaraang administrasyon.F—–k you people in the government.

  6. Roldan Guerrero on

    The call for Aquino`s resignation is not a JOKE. He should think of it in utmost consideration as he has failed in doing what he promised to the Filipinos. His government is now totally infected with the CORRUPTION VIRUS and he cant do anything to repair it as he himself is the initiator of massive corruption. It is so ridiculous that 99% of his team are engaged in controversies of corruption cases without any action of compelling them but otherwise protect and tolerate their abuses. Aquino should do an ABE act (PM Abe of Japan resigned in his 1st stint as Prime Minister as a result of simple mistake done by his Foreign Minister) Abe was reinstalled again as the Japanese people found out he is very important in making turn-around on Japan`s ailing economy which succession of several PMs failed to do. Aquino in connivance with his allies concentrated in consuming every funds available in the government treasury leaving this country and the people unsurmissable misseries as a result from the abuse of PDAF and DAP. There is only one way to stop these illegalities, he must RESIGN if not he will be facing massive outrage in the very near future…just like what is happening in Hongkong now!

  7. why would pnoy relinquish the presidency? stupid or not, he won’t. ignorant or not, he won’t. arrogant or not, he won’t. whether he still got the moral ascendancy or not, he won’t. it’s pretty obvious that pnoy will stick it out until 2016 or beyond. that is if he gets his way with both houses. truthfully speaking though, the very one reason that he will not step down is because there is still a lot of money left in this year’s budget and in 2015 for them to spend at will. the tuwid na daan project will be as crooked as it can get when he leaves office. be it in 2016 or beyond.

  8. P. on

    The last four years of his term speak well of the inability of this sitting president to effectively govern the country; he is divisive, vindictive and insensitive. His minions, of course, have no choice but to deny. “At the end of the day”, I hope they are right. Else,
    they go down as “Clowns”!

  9. Since there are 6 Filipinos out of 10 do not want the President to extend his term,
    why not make also a Survey if the Filipinos agree the way the President is governing
    the country now?

    I bet 6 out 10 Filipinos will be the result of the survey unless another hocos pocos are


    • that is extremely good math you have there! you don’t seem to give up on your pinoy! pinoy will never give up either because he hallucinating and he also believes the whispers in his ears that says, “you are good, you are the best, without you the country will fall, you are the messiah”. Doesn’t that sound familiar to all the doctors and psychiatrists up there? Aside from being a little boy, he does not make decisions! He is afraid to make one! so he lets the people around him make the decisions for him. There is no chance this abnoy will recover from this psychiatric condition. With all the lies his courtmen tell him,one day he will walk naked in the streets believing he is wearing a gown of gold tsk tsk tsk, saying sana ito si pinoy, pero abno talaga.hayyy oo, hindi at hindi aalis yan dahil takot ang kanyang mga taong umalis sia. hindi puedeng irequest na paalissin sia. walang mangyari dian. ang military dapat ang magumpisa nian, kaso yong military sobrANG corrupt din , ay ina ng awa oo. pinas ka talaga, in 2017 you will be under Chinese rule, trust me, if nobody moves! there goes my crystal ball1

  10. Kung ayaw makinig ni ginoong pinoy Aquino sa kahilingan ng nakakaraming Pilipino bakit Hindi gawin ang katulad ng Kay ginoong f Marcos at ginoong j Estrada .ang people’s power