Palace shrugs off FVR ‘insecure’ tag vs Duterte


Malacañang on Saturday defended President Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership following the criticism hurled by former president Fidel V. Ramos that the Chief Executive has a “one-way kind of decision-making in law enforcement.”

In a radio interview, Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said that Duterte has a “slightly different” style from past leaders but he still seeks advice and listens to opinions.

“Duterte perhaps has a different working style from FVR. FVR’s approach is more managerial and more corporate,” Abella said.

He noted that Duterte is “more visionary” and “is what you would call a transformational leader… who can do something out of nothing.”

“That doesn’t mean he’s insecure. His approach, it’s clear to me, is that he’s a leader who listens,” the Palace official said.

“At this stage, we can see that there is a major leap from Duterte’s policies simply because he has to follow the rules but he has been acting out of the box. He’s truly a visionary leader, he’s really what would you call a transformational leader,” he added.

Ramos, in an online interview, said Duterte seemed to shun consultations because of his “one-way” decision-making.

The former president stressed the need for more consultations if Duterte really wants to serve the country.
“A lot of these fears being generated by him is because he is afraid of fear or he is not secured. He is insecure. Pardon me for saying this, Mr. President Duterte, but you must be at peace with yourself,” Ramos said.

“The way it is, there is a lack of consultation, as I said in the beginning, not just with his active commanders.

Maybe not even with the Cabinet members concerned, but also with the rest of the citizenry… There is a need for more consultation,” he added.

Ramos was among those who persuaded Duterte to run for president in 2016. Since then, he has given unsolicited advice to the former Davao mayor.

“With all due respect to those concerned, it’s not Facebook stuff. It’s the real McCoy because I’ve been through it and I’ve done it,” he said.


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