Palace: US govt shutdown won’t affect Philippine economy



The shutdown of the United States government due to a deadlock in Congress will have no immediate effect on the Philippine economy, a Malacanang official said on Tuesday.
In a text message, Strategic Communications Secretary Ramon Carandang said the Palace does not see a “significant impact” of the shutdown in the country’s economy, at least on the short-term.
“We don’t foresee a significant impact in our economic fundamentals. That would depend though how long the shutdown lasts,” Carandang said.
Washington lurched into a dreaded government shutdown early Tuesday (Manila time) for the first time in 17 years, triggering agency closures and hundreds of thousands of furloughs as Congress missed a deadline to pass a budget.
Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said the Palace has not received any notice for possible change in President Barack Obama’s trip to Manila next week.
“I checked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and, as of this moment, we have not received any notice that the trip will not proceed,” she said
“No notice yet but we don’t know in the coming days. Surely the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) will update  us should any notice be given,” she added.
Obama is scheduled to make his first visit to the Philippines on October 11 to 12 as part of a swing to Southeast Asia.
Obama is also scheduled to travel to Bali, Indonesia to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit and to Brunei for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit with Aquino and other leaders from Asean, Japan, China, and Australia. He will also visit Malaysia.



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