• Palace vows intensified police presence after NAIA killings


    The Palace has vowed intensified police presence following the attack on Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 which killed Zamboanga del Sur Mayor Ukol Talumpa, his wife Lea and 18-month old nephew Salipudin.
    Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte made the statement in reference to the brazen killing of Talumpa and his family in broad daylight. Worse, authorities are in the dark finding the criminals because NAIA Terminal 3 doesn’t even have Closed Circuit Television cameras.
    “The new NCRPO Chief has been directed to heighten the police visibility, especially  during the Christmas season. We expect them to keep that up,” Valte said.
    “This is a cause for serious concern because it happened within airport premises,” Valte added.
    Valte, however, reserved judgment on who is liable for the NAIA Terminal 3 shooting, considering that the alleged killers of Talumpa and his family were in police uniform.
    “The investigation is ongoing. We need to find out the results of the investigation first before we call out who had lapses. What is important is for the authorities to do their job well and for us to ensure that they are protecting us well,” Valte added.
    Valte said that the Aquino administration will definitely push for upgrading of NAIA Terminal 3, including installment of CCTV cameras.



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    1. Simon Benigno Arroyo on

      The lack of CCTV is intentional, officials of the NAIA are not concerned about safety, and the dysfunction of their system. The officials of NAIA should be reprimanded or fired. Pinoy should keep removing inefficient personnel, till the right men are in-place. Firing and canning is a method to increase performance.
      Increasing police presence can not solve crimes, only minimize, but the CCTV can arrest and convict criminals.

    2. Arch.Angel(Lito) Lingan Mallonga on

      The Philippine Government should not only do it at our international Airport in Manila but throughout the Airports both International and local as well.More effective camera will be installed and no Motorcycles are allowed within the airports as this are the most once they used with helmets can not identified them at all. Stronger laws need to be implemented or nothing will ever solved the problem. Airports, Government Offices are prone to a lot of killings and that are all facts anyways.Bring back the death sentence. We need it in the Philippines.

    3. Even at airports in civil war Syria attacks like this in broad daylight don’t happen. The reason or excuse being giving that this section don’t have Closed Circuit Television cameras and the killers were in police uniform. Don´t reflect well on the police force at the NAIA. Cos every car and person are being check, so is this mean that personnel and police force cars and personnel aren’t being check? With the history of Ninoy Aquino and Airport the government and country police force gone have to really step up and show who’s in-charge, when it comes to safety in The Philippines. Otherwise the world will stop taking the PH government serious about arrest and prosecute killers of crimes.

    4. Where’s the leadership? DILG again sleeping onthe job. Government reactive, solutions all after the fact. Image of the Phl is chaos, violence, corrupt, poor and officials uncaring, inept.