Palace warns OFWs on no-remittance day


Malacanang on Sunday warned overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) that their planned “Zero Remittance Day” protest against corruption and the pork barrel system on September 19 will have a negative impact on their families.
In a radio interview Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said it will not be the government but the workers’ families who will bear the brunt of the plan not to send their remittances home.

Valte however said the government will not stop OFWs from joining the protest.

“It’s their personal decision and they’re the ones who know the situation of their families here at home,” she said, referring to the migrant workers.



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  1. if you think we can o good to observe a one day nn-remittance, then we will stop sening for 15 days. Why oly one day? I ask all my fellow OFWs all over the world starting today lets stop sending our money until after 15 days. Lets see what will happen to philippine economy.

  2. Yes, these OFWs (just a few of them; most knew better) are misguided if they are not sending money home as a protest vs PDAF misused. Although one day will probably not make any difference to their families but to financial institutions (Wells Fargo, Moneygram, Banks etc) that handle the remittances, may be. Say at $10 a pop from 50,000 OFWs…well you do the math.

  3. OFW’s remittance will in one way or another be sent to the Philippines so it’s useless to hold it. The government will always get their share of the remittance.