Palace welcomes increased military aid from US


The Philippine government welcomed the $50-million annual military assistance from the United States, a Malacanang official said on Monday.
The Department of Foreign Affairs has disclosed that Washington had increased its military assistance package from $30 million next fiscal year to about $50 million, the highest level since US troops returned to the Philippines in 2000.

In a press conference, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the US government has realized the importance of the Philippine in “their policy of pivoting.”
“Does it benefit us? Certainly, it will benefit us,” Lacierda said.

He said “the continuous exercises we have with the United States has helped us also improve our capabilities, information sharing, knowledge sharing is important in this exercises.”



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    I welcome this talk between Washington and the Aquino administration on a new security agreement. There’ll be a great deal of benefits that the Philippines will get out of this in terms of economic and military support in light of the dominating stance China is making over territorial claim to Spratlys. With asia fast becoming the new theater of interest for the superpowers such as China and the United States, it is but politically and strategically wise for a country like the Philippines to maintain close ties and cooperation with the U.S. including Japan and South Korea. United States cannot and will not allow China to dominate the Asia Pacifics – it’s a leverage move that is both political and strategic. The Philippines on the other hand, by allowing U.S. military presence in the country, can strengthen its maritime defense, improve disaster response, improve training of our armed forces, provide fast relief and other assistance during any calamitous events, and above all, the sense of security knowing that a good friend and strong ally is behind us. No country is without an ally; even North Korea has one or two (RA).