• Palace welcomes Philippines’ rise in global competitiveness


    Malacanang on Wednesday welcomed the Philippines’ strong showing in the latest World Economic Forum (WEF) survey that showed the country rising six notches.
    In its Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014, the WEF ranked the Philippines in 59th place among 148 countries included in the survey. Last year the country was 65th place.
    In a statement, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said that since the Aquino administration took over June of 2010, the Philippines has progressed 26 places to rank 59th in the international competitiveness landscape.
    “This impressive performance was highlighted in the report, which cited the Philippines as among the ‘most dynamic and rapidly improving economies in terms of competitiveness’,” he said.
    According to Lacierda, the country’s showed strong scores in terms of “innovation” —up 25 places to 69th—and “institutions,” rising 15 places to 79th.
    The Institutions pillar of the Philippines, he said, jumped from 125th in 2010 to 79th, a rally of 46 places.
    In the ethics and corruption category, the Philippines now ranks 87th compared to 135th in 2010, while government efficiency and other public sector variables have also steadily advanced, Lacierda said.
    “This sustained improvement was credited heavily to the Aquino administration’s battle against corruption, which is seen in the significant improvements in the benchmarking scores of the “Institutions” pillar that covers such governance challenges such as corruption and public sector competence,”he added
    Another pillar was in Innovation, which he said, an improvement of 42 places to 69th this year from 111th in 2010.
    “We attribute this to enhanced competition, which fosters creativity, and high morale of an increasingly empowered citizenry, sustained by the prospects of our future and the positive feeling about our country’s direction,” he said
    “This international affirmation serves as an endorsement of the President, the brand of transparent and accountable leadership he espouses, and the hard-fought reforms he and his allies have tirelessly pursued,” Lacierda added.
    According to the report, the Philippines ranked sixth out of 10 countries in Southeast Asia behind Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand and Indonesia.
    It placed ahead of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.



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