• Palace: We’ll crush Sayyaf


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd is fully determined to crush the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and other lawless elements in Basilan province with all the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP) might, an official said on Friday.

    “The President and the government are wholly determined to crush and put an end to the group’s terrorist activities… and our Armed Forces have acquired additional equipment [to be able to do that],” Palace Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said.

    In a news briefing, Coloma noted that they look at the terrorist ASG as mere “opportunists” and “mercenaries” who extort money through kidnapping and other unlawful means.

    He said that group’s claim that they are part of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) should not be given the lightest attention or “dignified” because it is a false assertion.

    It is important that the group that was responsible for the killing of more than 20 soldiers last weekend, according to Coloma, is already confined to a small area in the hinterlands of the island-province of Basilan, the site of previous deadly clashes and abductions that gained worldwide attention.

    “We cannot allow them to continue sowing terror. Every time they earn ransom, they use the money to further their criminal activities,” he said.

    Coloma added that some groups and local government officials in the area have recognized the contribution to peace of completed government infrastructure projects in Basilan.

    “The government’s resolve and determination remain strong,” he said.

    “They [ASG bandits] should be fought to the fullest extent. That will be our response. As we dignify them by identifying them with al-Qaeda and ISI, we only embolden them. The truth is they are opportunists and mercenaries who have no place in the country,” Coloma pointed out.

    He said government troops have sufficient training and equipment and their morale is “very high.”

    “That is why we have intensified our operations against them [bandits],” the Palace official added.

    He explained that the ASG’s movements are already limited because of various government development projects in the island-province such as the Basilan Circumferential Road and the Transcentral Road Project.

    “The circumferential road was prioritized and now we are at the middle of the island, a mountainous area where a road will be constructed to improve connectivity,” Coloma said.
    “The main objective is to wipe out this [ASG] group,” he added.


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    1. Juan Delacruz on

      Big talk and nothing happened in the last 6 years. NOTHING Baby…As a matter of fact, Philippines is on top of the list and most preferred country in Asia for drug business, money laundering, kidnap for ransom, rice smuggling, and more. Name any kind of criminal activities and we have it. ISIS will soon operating freely in the Philippines. I cannot even think what would be the legacy of PNoy’s presidency.

    2. so you’re ready to cut your ties with the MILF? unless you consider the MILF your enemies, you can never take away the advantage of the abu sayaf getting information and support from their relatives int he MILF

    3. Mr.abnoy talkative president your action were too slow but your words are full of plans just like your idiot father who always talk to much hope to see you in jail when your term is over,pay your incompetencies to filipinos.you are still chinese opportunist abnoy cojuangco….

    4. Nestor Baylan on

      That is boasting. More soldiers than Muslim rebels die in military encounters in Mindanao. A coherent military plan is not in place. Pnoy is not a good commander in chief you could rely on. He is a LOSER.

    5. Peter Gonzales on

      Abnoy is almost at the end of his term and this noynoying retarded president is saying he will crush abu sayaf bandits? Sarili mo ginaGago mo. This are all BS
      narrative to appease the people to vote for his anointed.

    6. Mr. President, I heard many times the Philippine government is going to crush Abu Sayyaf. Abu Sayyaf he is still going strong. The only possible way to get rid of this guy is to let the US Forces Jet fighter go after him. Mr. President your term is almost over and yet you have never get rid off Abu Sayyaf.

    7. There is BIG money involved in the activities of the ASG and many parties want to get a share of the loot. When there is money to be shared, no one wants to end it completely. Why not look into this angle? As to the outgoing President’s rhetoric.. lumang tugtug na yan..

    8. Othello Gomez on

      Theme song mo dapat: Bakit ngayon ka lang ? Wow two months lang pala. Kay duterte 3 to 6 months. Sa iyo 2 months. Sabihjn mo yan sa nanay mong inagnas

    9. Mr. President, just do it and wipe the ASG from the face of the earth, you talk too much, as the saying goes “barking dog seldom bites”

    10. After 6 years of his presidency how come its only now at the end of his term BSA III is after the terrorists. Never in his 6 years term BSA III discussed crushing the terrorists. Basilan is one small province but government troops cannot even find them.
      The government has no strategic plan at all to wipe them and always on the defensive. Government troops only go after the terrorists after ambushing someone. Troops must take offensive action when the enemy is resting and not when they are active.

      • I was thinking the same thing, Pnoy has had 6years to get rid of these stinking little bastards and now with only a few months of his Presidency left he supposedly is going to do something about it, RIGHT!!! It’s called big talk, little do.