• Palace will not stop hefty bonuses of SSS execs


    MALACAÑANG will not stop the grant of huge bonuses to officials of the Social Security System (SSS).

    SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emilio de Quiros Jr. has confirmed that he and seven other commissioners of the private-sector pension fund got at least P1 million each as bonuses for their “good performance” in 2012.

    The controversy over the hefty bonuses surfaced at a time when SSS is increasing membership premiums next year so the agency will have enough funds to cover retirement and other benefits beyond the year 2039.

    Deputy Presidential spokesman Abigail Valte said that while the commissioners have yet to receive their Performance Enhancement Benefit bonus, it is up to the SSS to take back the bonus.

    “It has been approved but they are yet to receive such Performance Enhancement Benefit. As to whether they decide to push through with it, we cannot answer for them,” Valte said in a radio interview.

    Marianita Mendoza, the labor representative to the SSS, expressed willingness to return the money following harsh public criticisms. She is the wife of party-list Rep. Democrito Mendoza Congressmen Neri Colmenares and Carlos Zarate of Bayan Muna filed House Resolution 369 urging the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability to conduct an inquiry on the bonuses.

    “The SSS Board has failed to collect billions in unremitted premiums from delinquent employers, which means that they have no right to increase premium contributions. They also have no right to a good performance bonus,” the Bayan Muna legislators said.

    They added that many SSS members continue to complain about delays in the processing of SSS applications.

    “Even the SSS admits that pensions of senior citizens are below the poverty line. The delays in service should be charged against the management and not its employees because the board is responsible and accountable for the services rendered, or lack thereof, by SSS,” they said.


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    1. Sinasabi nila ang SSS daw kimita sa target na kita kaya magbibigay sila ng bonus, I aggree with that pero bakit naman nagbabalak ang SSS na magtaas ng monthly contribution para samga SSS members, anong kalokohan ito sabi nila kumikirta tapos ngayon sasabihin magtataas ng monthly contribution, bakit hindi nila gamitin ang kinita ng SSS sa kanilang working capital para hindi na mag dagdag ang nga SSS members.

    2. As I see it, any form of bonus and executive disbursement programs bring on an aura of greediness. If there is internal corruption and account malversion within any government department, that anomaly can be handled by legal undertaking and should be investigated immediately by either independent certified audits or through an agency with government authority to issue subpoenas against the perpetrators. But, as in any large bonus deals for executives go, they now count on the presumption they deserve these bonuses, plan for the bonuses; precedents are thus established, and after about seven times these bonuses of grandeur are offered, trends appear. Whatever bonuses are being enjoyed by SSS workers and/or executive facilitators in the Philippines, it is very important to understand the poverty demographics of the population, and accept the Philippines is still designated a Third-World Country. Act accordingly!

    3. Like the rest of them, PNoy’s appointees are making use of their temporary positions by making as much money as they can until 2016. They keep on raking in the publics money as if there is not tomorrow.

    4. get rid of the guy in charge & put a new guy in & make it law that no bonus is paid. I dont know what salary & benefits they get already but i bet its better than any supermarket worker & they dont get P1,000,000 bonus a year. If they arnt up to the job get rid of them as there are plenty of highly qualified people who are unemployed & who would relish a job there. Dont try to make these workers out to be something special as they arnt & they are very well paid to do a job most normaly educated people can do.

    5. Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

      ” GOOD PERFORMANCE ” What good performance are these “COMMISSION-ners” are talking about? Let them go to SSS Sucat and see for themselves how many kasambahay queue outside their offices from 6 am to 3 pm just to apply for SSS number. Is these good performance? If I am one of the commissioners, I’ll suggest to Mr. Emilio de Quiroz to order a color coding for all those who are applying for loans or following up papers. The family names “A-L” will follow their papers from 8- 12 pm and those family names ” M-Z ” will be entertained from 1-4 pm. This system, Mr. De Quiroz is simple but will cut the people queuing up in your office into half. You can also cut these into family name “A,B,C,D & E ” will be entertained from 8am-10 am and ” F, G, H, I, J & L ” from 10-12 pm., etc. This will minimize Mr. De Quiroz the queing is not only in your main office but in all your brnaches which I believe you and your Commision-ners have not even seen.
      Also, please Mr. De Quiroz, order the authorized banks to get the R-5 once and just copy what was written on the first R-5 given to applicants for kasambahay. This will not only be a huge savings on SSS to cover your BONUS, for banks, but also for kasambahay who are required to go to your office monthly to get an R-5 every time their employer will pay their SSS premiums. KUHA BA HO NYO, SIRS????