Palace yields to Bongbong


Two days after Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. publicly rejected the Palace version of the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), a spokesman said on Friday they will welcome any changes that would be introduced to the proposal as long as these do not dilute the spirit of the measure.

Malacañang deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said President Benigno Aquino 3rd had been informed about developments at the Senate, particularly Marcos’ decision to introduce an alternate bill in lieu of the original BBL.

Marcos is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government, which had reviewed the draft BBL that was submitted for legislation by Malacañang.

“We give the President updates about what’s going on here although he is still in Japan. He heard about it. But the specific provisions that [Marcos] wants substituted are still unknown to us,” Valte said.

“We are open to changes provided that they do not dilute the true spirit of autonomy that we want the region to have,” she added.

The Palace official said they will continue to work with Congress on the matter and that they are monitoring the developments.

“As far as the executive is concerned, we also continue to work with our fellows in Congress and in the Senate by participating in their hearings and participating in consultations regarding several provisions that may be of concern to our legislators. So by that participation, we also ensure that our legislators get the correct information or the correct data on a particular provision that is of concern to them,” Valte explained.

According to her, even the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is doing its own monitoring over concerns that the BBL may be diluted.

When asked if the Palace still expects the odds to turn in its favor, she replied, “We remain optimistic on that matter.”

Senate President Franklin Drilon sided with Marcos’ position that the BBL has to conform with the Constitution.

Drilon, also chairman of the administration-backed Liberal Party, said the Senate has consistently been saying it would review the proposed law and make sure it is within the four corners of the 1987 Constitution.

Marcos said the BBL in its present form and substance would not bring the country any closer to peace and instead would lead to armed conflict.

He cited failure of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process to conduct substantive consultations with other stakeholders in Mindanao, among them, Moro National Liberation Front, Sultanate of Sulu, indigenous peoples, local government units and businesses on the BBL.

Marcos also on Friday said he is not afraid of any backlash from Malacañang.

“Matagal na ako sa pulitika, matagal na kong takot, so walang pagbabago [I have been in politics for a long time, I have been afraid for a long time, so it changes nothing],” he noted in an interview.

Marcos, who plans to have another committee hearing on the proposed law, said the would thoroughly study the BBL and look at it line by line and provision by provision to make sure that the substitute bill that he will be presenting in July would include concerns raised recently by other stakeholders.

He added that he still cannot say how extensive the changes would be but that the new version would be able to withstand constitutional tests.


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  1. Changes to the proposed BBL will surely dilute the spirit of the measure if it is made to conform to our constitution.Our peace panel and all its instrumentalities should adopt to these parameters.

  2. Bong Decena on

    Reminder: Our country is one nation and never be devided.
    The national territory comprises the Philippine archipelago, with all the islands and waters embraced therein,
    and all other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty or jurisdiction, consisting of its terrestrial,
    fluvial and aerial domains, including its territorial sea, the seabed, the subsoil, the insular shelves, and other
    submarine areas. The waters around between, the connecting the islands of the archipelago, regardless of their
    breadth and dimensions, from part of the internal waters of the Philippines.

  3. One more thing, if BBL is approved, it means, acquitting the Terrorist (MILF) for all the sins they committed. Do we still remember when they beheaded our Marines, and last Feb, they massacred our very own SAF..!

    To the congressmen who advocates this BBL, don’t harbor terrorist. Advocating or approving this BBL simply means, harboring terrorist. Former US President George W. Bush said,” Harboring a terrorist is considered also a terrorist.”

  4. BBL is unconstitutional, so don’t ever change the constitution to accommodate the crap BBL.

  5. joseluis hierbas on

    It goes to show that the OPAPP, the MILF, the trusted people of the president is still very young, in mind, in experience, still pre-occupied with personal longings and ambition, their moves, opinions and decision does not consider the presence of other concern within the country. While those people in and around BBM (the senators) has an outgoing concern of the people and the country. Thus they are the mature people the statemen who are really in service for the good of the population. To those as mentioned keep up the good work and the majority of the Filipinos will be supporting you that the voting public will not forget you in the 2016 election. Congratulations. GOD bless you and the countrymen you’re protecting.

  6. Odnalor Obirt on

    Diluting, revising or improving is still not good enough for the time and money wasted by all government officials tackling the BBL. The best thing is to scrap that rubbish draft and start with another negotiation including all the stake holders in Mindanao. The government must choose negotiators with conscience and love of our country. All members of OPAPP should be sent to prison for treason especially Ging Deles and Miriam Colonel Ferrer. Niloko lang nila si Pnoy. Hindi dapat panghinayangan ang 17 years of negotiation sa MILF- hindi na iyon maibabalik.

  7. Grande Cafu Senator Bong Bong Marcos.. BRAVO.
    for the sake of the filipino people and our nation as in general.

  8. Mharz Tolibas on

    Apparently Sen.Marcos with his team are more vulnerable to review and discuss properly about BBL to restore peace processing and implementation for Mindanao territory security and welfare.
    As they said it was Unconstitutional proposal what Malacanang’s endorsement to be pass. What I don’t understand why AQUINO administration trying to manipulate this BBL issue and it seems they don’t even concerned for national peace for Filipino people, very clear that they’re very clever for their personal interest and that’s is all about Power & Greediness.
    Politics and Leaders should be prioritize PUBLIC Service not PERSONAL business.
    Kudos for BBM, Sen.Santiago and the rest who brilliantly supported BBL to rejected but still doing their best for alternative to proceed and pursue Peace and Order in Mindanao. .

  9. It’s better if the lawmakers in the government debate and work on the BBL even if takes a long time. The law should not be biased on the MILF, it should focus more on developing the region and the people rather than creating more divisions with the national government. If they pass the law that has so many flaws and loopholes it would only create more problems in the end.

  10. minabalay47 on

    A real “chip off the block” may paninindigan at hindi umaatras pag nasa katuwiran, yan si Bongbong. Di gaya ng iba dyan “grandstanding” sa simula pag natapalan biglang kambyo.

    • I second the motion.
      Any elected government official shall perform his duty without fear or favor. Not that it only benefits the Party or the administration. Everything has to be taken into consideration. FM Jr. Starts to show his leadership quality worth considering for a higher position.

  11. Samuel Santos on

    Take your time, Mr. Senator. No need to hurry. The future of the country is at stake. “Make-or-break” po ang issue na ito sa inyong political career.

  12. Alejo Rosete on

    Senator Bongbong Marcos we with you.
    The Solid North is behind you.

    You are the only credible man in the Senate na matagal ng takot
    at walang ng ikatatakot dahil sagad na eh – end of the road na eh.

    Kaya lumaban ka para sa ating Filipino. Itakder mo ti pagsiyaatan
    ti Filipino. Adda kami ta likod mo.

    • Migs Doromal on


      How does one DILUTE a constitutionally infirm measure???

      These student government talking heads have DILUTED brains like their ABNOY president!

  13. The day has finally come when the Abnoy has met his nemesis. As I have foretold earlier. Sen. Marcos will never blink in his face up with the Abnoy. So there. Sen. Marcos, of all things, will change the palace crafted BBL, into what it should be. This is great! Someone who is not beholden to the mad man in Malacanang should write finis to his incursions into the Constitution. This young Marcos,like his father before him, is proving to be a more substantive leader.

    Even the porky Drilon foresees the doomsday of the Abnoy sponsored BBL. He has changed gear to tread the safer road for him.