• Palafox: Corruption, crime stunt growth


    THE Philippines can join the ranks of the world’s top 20 economies if the government can fully address the problems on corruption, crime and climate change, according to renowned architect and urban planner Felino Palafox Jr.
    Palafox noted that these three challenges are the biggest hindrance to business growth, sustainability and economic development.

    “I believe that these are our biggest challenges. Corruption, criminality and climate change brought us down. I hope we address these more aggressively and effectively. Corruption toward good governance, criminality for better peace and order and climate change toward environmental sustainability,” he said during a “Green Urbanism” briefing organized by the Environment and Urban Development Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines on Thursday.

    Palafox also noted that these challenges also hinder green urbanism.

    He said the country is so fragmented because of corruption.

    If the government can effectively address these challenges, Palafox added, there is a big chance that the country will make it to the world’s Top 20 economies.

    The architect cited a need for the country to map out a culture of integrity and address the lack of infrastructure.

    “If we will address all these challenges, we should be in the Top 20 economies of the world,” he told the forum participants from the business and industry sectors.


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    1. Yes Mr Palafox is a cool reasonable intelligent head. Hopefully he is honest too. He might be a good president.
      But Mrs Santiago is too unpredictable and prone to angry outbursts. These traits of character make her unfit to be a president.

    2. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

      I recommend Arch. F. Palafox Jr. to be the running mate of Sen. Miriam Santiago for Presidency and Vice President respectively. We need the mind of a person in the development field.