• Palafox: Marawi ruins should be maintained


    Maintain the ruins of Marawi and let it be a museum of a tragic event in Mindanao, renowned urban planner and architect Felino Palafox Jr said on Monday.

    In a lecture titled “Postcards from the Future: Towards Resilient Cities and Communities” held in Makati, Palafox said that the government should leave the ruins as these would serve as a historical remembrance for future tourists in the place.

    “Let the whole place be a museum of what terrorism did to the most peaceful city,” Palafox said.

    “It is so expensive to rehabilitate,” he added.

    He cited Rome as an example of a city wherein the remnants of war were just simply left instead of rebuilding the whole area.

    “The ruins, let it be memorial,” according to Palafox.

    He said that the current Marawi can be transformed into a city which is inclusive, Islamic in aura, but interfaith.

    Residents in Marawi can also set up boutique shops for the products of the city for economic gains and also to establish tourism centers in the area.

    “Let’s keep the ruins and create a new city,” he said.

    Palafox also noted the role of walls in property structures, saying that without walls, the war in Marawi could have been resolved earlier.

    “Urban terrorism. The snipers are hiding behind the walls,” Palafox said, explaining that building walls is an influence from the Spanish colonization era.

    “If only there are no walls, all visible, the conflict in Marawi might have been finished by now,” he added.


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