Palparan wants out of Bulacan jail


MALOLOS CITY, Bulacan: Retired Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan on Monday reiterated before the Malolos City Regional Trial Court Branch 14 his call to be transferred to the Philippine Army Custodial Center in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City or the detention center of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City.

The court instead ordered the hearing of his case to be rescheduled for September 8.

Palparan, who is detained at the Bulacan provincial jail, is facing charges for the alleged kidnapping of University of the Philippines students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño in 2006.

The general denied the allegations against him even as he pointed out that his life is in jeopardy inside the Bulacan jail and that he needs to be alive in order to clear his name.

Supporters of Palparan showed up during the hearing, bringing with them streamers demanding the immediate release from custody of the former military officer.

“He is a good man, so please jail the New People’s Army [NPA] rebels, not the general. The disappearances of the students are not true, all Palparan ever wanted was to annihilate the NPA [rebels], “ a woman supporter told The Manila Times.

She claimed that her husband was a victim of atrocities of the communist insurgents during Palparan’s time.

An anti-Palparan group that also showed up during the hearing demanded justice for the former general’s alleged victims while calling him “The Butcher.”


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  1. >>> In armed forces of any nations, if you wanted to quit or resigned you can do and you’re life will not be in danger.
    >>>In armed militant of communist, syndicate, or extremist groups, if you wanted to quit or resigned you can do also, but your life is in danger. You could not walk alone because you have a lot shadows walking with you anywhere you go.
    >>> I do believe not all disappearing individuals ( militant and journalist) from year 1970 to present, that the military or police did something in it. Any from this groups, they always do or having a “sacrificial lamb”, just to blame the government and create chaotic situation as part of their propaganda movement strategy.
    >>> Why I knew that….because I knew some before and most of them already dead and while the others change their life and vision.

    >>> Look the reality……this militant and extremist groups . They always mentioned and involved the USA in their demosntrations, press releases and press interviews. But LOOK AT THEIR WEARING CLOTHES, SHOES, WATCHES, CELLPHONES, CARS (OF THEIR LEADERS), WHAT AND WHERE IT MANUFACTURED? Those are groups are just the same to this government ….HYPOCRITES.

  2. I’m not Palparan supporter, but I’m a soldier too. How could you blame Palparan if your evidence are:
    a) How do you confirm that they are really a philippine soldier, not any other group.
    b) How do you know they are under the command of Palparan.
    c) How do you know that Palparan knows about them.
    d) Do you know that Palparan answer question to his superior, and he get his order from this person.
    e) Do you know as a soldier if you don’t follow order, you will be charge rebellion, dis-obeying command, and can go to military jail, or subject to dis-honorable discharge with out pension or benefit or will be put to death by penalty by supporting the rebel. So now if you are a soldier what will you do.Before they became a soldier, this soldier take an Oath to support the constitution, protect the country against any aggressor foreign and domestic.
    I believe Palparan is a honorable soldier who follow his Commander in chief command. How can you convict a man who only follow his Superior command. When this people when to training ground to become a soldier, they dont go their to be train to kill, but to be train how to follow a command, because if you dont know how to follow a command,how could you survive in the real soldier life. If you will force Palparan to point a finger who give him the order, i bet YA! he will not do it, if you ask me i will not do it too, reason i dont like to be know as a Traitor to the Country that you serve with Dignity and Honor.