Palparan wants out of Bulacan provincial jail


MALOLOS CITY, Bulacan: Retired Army Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan on Wednesday said he is eager to move out of the provincial jail here and stay at the Philippine National Police Custodial Center in Camp Crame where other high profile inmates are being held.

Palparan said he is safe for now but he could never make a conclusion on what the future holds for him as far as his security is concerned.

“My sentiment is still the same that I would be removed from this cell and be transferred. I am alright for the time being but who knows, tomorrow I may be gone,” Palparan told The Manila Times.

Palparan is accused for the disappearances of student activists who fought against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s regime and is also blamed for political related killings. As the primary suspect, Palparan was branded as “Butcher” by several leftist groups.

Palaparan said he needs to be alive in order to belie all the accusations of political related killings that is being hurled at him.

“We would appeal to the Bulacan Regional Trial Court, through my lawyer that I may be transferred as soon as possible,” he stressed.

Six commanders of the New People’s Army are currently detained at the Bulacan Provincial Jail and Palparan believes their presence poses danger to his life.

Meanwhile, Bulacan’s Jail Warden Retired Lt. Col. Pe-pito B. Plamenco stressed that everything inside the vicinity of the city jail is under control and that Palparan is safe under their guard.


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  1. palparan has no right to choose where he will be confined. his present custodians are good enough to take good care of him. let us respect the decisions of the court. his flight means his guilt.

    • We should not be the judge of the accusation made against Maj Palparan, He had served and protect the country and our people from the communist insurgency, the NPA and other terrorists organization and he is entitled tp be heard and be given the voice to tell exactly what happened before we rush into conclusion that he is guilty, at yan ang masamang ugali ng kapwa nating Pilipino, mapanghusga, puro tsismis, walang naming ebidensya , kuro-kuro na walang katuturan, kung kaya walang pagbabago ang Pilipinas lets find the truth thru the court of Law.