• PAL’s two B747s head to bone yards


    Philippine Airlines (PAL) on Monday said its two remaining Boeing B747-400s jumbo jets are scheduled to fly to “airplane bone yards” in dry deserts in Arizona. It added that the two B747s will be sold to a US company that will convert the planes to scrap metal. PAL’s last B747-400 flight arrival, PR105, with registry number RP-C7473 and carrying 285 passengers and 18 crew on board and piloted by Capt. Andre de Jesus, landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 on Monday at 4:38 a.m. This jumbo jet started flying in 1979 and became the flag-carrier’s new flagship as it offered 16 “sky beds” that were paired with first-class seats on the upper deck. This feature made PAL a popular choice for long-haul flights.


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    1. Your information is erroneous about the time this plane started to fly. The first Boeing 747-400 ever built flew in 1988 and the launch airline was Northwest Airlines in 1989. Therefore, it is impossible that the now-retired plane was in service with Philippine Airlines in 1979. A quick research shows that RP-C7473 was built in 1994 and delivered to Philippine Airlines on April 27, 1995 under the registration number N753PR before it was re-registered as RP-C7473 on March 2, 2009. So, this plane was not 35 years old but only 20.

      Journalists are supposed to check facts.

      Replacement is with B 777s.