• Pancho Magno prepares for most important role


    Pancho Magno will certainly make a dashing groom

    Hunky TV leading man is soon to be real-life groom to Max Collins

    It was on May 14 when actress Max Collins posted a blurry photo of what seemed like a diamond ring on her hand beside boyfriend and fellow GMA Network artist Pancho Magno. There were no captions to go with the picture, sending their followers into a frenzy, asking whether it meant they were engaged. Their answer came in another photo, this time on Magno’s Instagram account, a much clearer picture of the beautiful mestiza wearing an engagement ring indeed.

    Since then, the pair have been basking in congratulatory messages from fans and celebrity friends both on social media and in person, even if neither have made any official announcements.

    Magno and Collins last worked together in the recently concluded fantasy series “Encantadia” as Hitano and Amihan, respectively.

    Finally, The Manila Times caught up with Magno last week at sidelines of the “Haplos” press launch, his upcoming afternoon prime drama, to ask after any developments following their social media revelation.

    According to the 30-year-old actor, who is also the son of top GMA executive Redgie Magno, they have not set a date nor venue for the special day.

    “We’re still in the process [of preparing ourselves for]this lifetime decision. A marriage for us is a sacred sacrament, so we are both preparing to be spiritually and emotionally founded before anything else,” he explained.

    “But [in terms of specifics], we would like to have Christian garden wedding. We’re just worried about how it suddenly rains all the time. We need to have a contingency plan for that,” Magno added.

    The uncaptioned photos on Magno and Max Collin’s Instagram accounts that confirmed their engagement

    Meanwhile, asked about what he saw in his 24-year-old partner that convinced him she is “the one” he confidently and proudly said of Collins, “She’s God-fearing, very humble and down to earth. I can’t say enough good things about her. Our love now is no longer a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. She’s my fiancé now, and our families our close as ever. Ang sarap sa feeling.”

    In terms of starting a family soon after they marry, Magno thoughtfully said the decision to have a baby will all depend on his wife-to-be.

    “That’s what we still need to talk about. You should ask her [Collins] because you know, she still has a career. She wants to achieve more while she’s young. But of course, we’re open to that possibility of children. We’re actually serving in our church for the kids’ ministry,” he said.

    “And as you know I am also a registered nurse so it will be a good thing for us. I can stay with her anytime and take care of her even if she’s working,” he joked.

    Magno is one of the lead stars of GMA Network’s newest afternoon prime series, Haplos, which begins on July 10. He shares top billing with Sanya Lopez, Thea Tolentino and Rocco Nacino.

    According to Magno, the show’s storyline, though presented with touches of fantasy and sensuality among the four main characters, ultimately portrays how genuine love for the family can conquer life’s challenges.

    In Haplos, Lopez is Angela Alonzo, a physical therapy undergraduate whose goal in life is to find and love a man as amazing as her father. Tolentino, meanwhile, portrays Lucille Bermudez, Angela’s half-sister and a sexy promo girl who uses her looks to her advantage. Greedy and dubious, she dreams of being wealthy someday.

    Magno is Benedict Dizon, Angela’s admirer and an attractive fitness instructor who dreams of becoming a successful businessman and having a trophy wife. Finally, Nacino is Gerald Cortez, Angela’s boyfriend and a handsome, hardworking salesman. He is passionate in life and looks forward to having a family of his own.

    During the press con proper, Lopez said of Haplos, “Tungkol ito sa isang babae na may gift. And yung gift na yun, dun iikot yung story. Yung gift na yun gagamitin niya para sa kabutihan and yun yung dapat nila abangan,”

    Magno, who has worked with Lopez before, meanwhile shared, “We’re excited to portray roles that are very different from our previous characters in Encantadia, Rocco included. Ibang-ibang klase ng fantasy naman yung gagawin namin.”

    Completing the cast are Patricia Javier, Emilio Garcia, Francine Prieto, Diva Montelaba and Celia Rodriguez. Haplos is directed by Gil Tejada Jr.


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