• Pandora celebrates 10 Filipinas in new book

    Tata Mapa and Pandora Philippines’ collaboration—the book ‘I Am We Are Unique’ featuring remarkable stories of 10 amazing Filipinas

    Tata Mapa and Pandora Philippines’ collaboration—the book ‘I Am We Are Unique’ featuring remarkable stories of 10 amazing Filipinas

    To inspire women to embrace their individuality and express their personal style, Pandora has made its mark as a luxury jewellery brand that captures unforgettable milestones in her life with unique charms.

    Keeping true to its philosophy, the label held the Philippine launch of its new global campaign, “Unique As We Are,” presenting its season’s collection alongside a special book by writer, editor and stylist Tata Mapa, entitled, I Am We Are Unique.

    The collectible features remarkable stories of 10 women with extraordinary lives, which nonetheless, fellow females of every age, culture and belief can relate to.

    “The idea really came from Pandora Philippines. They wanted to do a book about women and then together, we worked on how we would create this book and make it different not just for the sake of being different, but with the aim of reaching out to readers and inspiring them,” Mapa said at the well-attended Pandora event on September 20.

    Featured in the book are stories of artist Valerie Chua, healing arts practitioner, teacher Tin Jacinto, broadcast journalist Mitzi Borromeo, photographer and videographer Carmen Del Prado, psychoneurologist and integrative health practitioner Lia Bernardo, author Samantha Sotto, interior designer Nina Santamaria, artist and writer Grace Katigbak, consultant and coach Rachel Consunji, and artist and creative consultant Chi Datu-Bocobo.

    Healing arts practitioner and teacher Tin Jacinto

    Healing arts practitioner and teacher Tin Jacinto

    “The whole point of the campaign is to inspire Pandora’s patrons and women everywhere that you don’t need to be a celebrity; that you don’t need to have many Instagram followers to be worthy. We wanted to find a way to show women that whoever you are in your extraordinary everyday life, you are worth celebrating,” Mapa continued.

    “And so if you look at the bios of the 10 women we chose for the book, you’ll see that in their own field, they’ve really accomplished a lot. They are women who are willing to reveal stories about their unique lives that others can emulate,” Mapa added.

    The way the book is written is unique it itself as each bio begins with an “I am” statement about themselves, which ends in a “We” quote to acknowledge how women go through similar experiences in their lives.

    “When I look at these women, I find them so amazing. And while they’re so different from one another, there are still parallelism among them and you and I. I think this is what the book is really trying to achieve, that the whole paradox of what makes you special is also what makes you connected,” Mapa related.

    I Am We Are Unique., published by Pandora Philippines, will be available for a limited time as a special gift with every purchase made at Pandora outlets across the country.

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