• Panel probing sexual harassment revived


    The government has rebuilt a committee that will probe sexual harassment cases against officials and employees in the executive branch of government.

    Signed by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea in behalf of President  Rodrigo Duterte, Memorandum Order No. 11 mandates the reconstitution of the Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI), which will deal with sexual harassment cases in the Office of the President.

    The order, signed on February 16 but only released to media in March, effectively amended Section 2 of a memorandum creating the CODI in 2007, mandating the committee to be composed of six members: three management representatives, one of whom shall be the chairman; one second-level employees’ representative; one first-level employees’ representative; and one accredited union representative.

    A majority of all CODI members is required to issue findings and recommendations.

    The chairman  will only vote in the case of a tie between committee members.

    “The members of the CODI shall serve a term of two years unless replaced earlier… CODI member alternates may be designated by the appropriate unit concerned to act as members whenever the principal member is unable to attend a meeting of the CODI,” the memorandum read.

    The Civil Service Commission requires the creation of a CODI in every government agency to handle sexual harassment complaints.



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