Panelo sent to SKorea to apologize for Jee’s killing


President Rodrigo Duterte has asked his chief legal counsel, Salvador Panelo, to go to South Korea to extend his personal apology for the death of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo.

Speaking before military officials on Tuesday, Duterte said he asked Panelo to go to Seoul and offer a “good apology.”

“I had to explain again and again. I had to apologize almost to every Korean who would come here, to the ambassador, to the [Korean] people,” he added.

Duterte earlier apologized to South Korea for the abduction and killing of Jee, who was kidnapped by policemen and killed the police headquarters in Camp Crame.

Jee’s killing sparked public outrage and prompted the police to suspend its massive campaign against illegal drugs.

Duterte then asked the military to help arrest Jee’s killers and put a stop to police abuse.

“I will order you to arrest them. If I do not include you, I’m dead. No one will stop those abusive policemen. The culture of corruption in the police force is deep,” he said. CATHERINE S. VALENTE


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  1. As of this writing there are already 2 trolls who are either belittling the efforts of the government to sincerely apologize for the kidnap and murder of the Korean businessman. The other is writing a stupid joke. These 2 are for sure, yellows in guise of bloggers who were very happy with the performance of their idol Benigno III during the Luneta massacre of the Chinese and the SAF 44 massacre. They want the Duterte administration to follow the example of their man Phony Noy. They do not like the right thing to be done.

  2. aladin g. villacorte on

    Of all the President’s men, why Panelo? A spin doctor, and as aptly described by a blogger, “Unpleasant to the eyes and unpleasant to the ears”. What else can he say to the Korean Government or add to what President Duterte had already said that will sound truer and more contrite?

    In the normal scheme of things, the Philippine Ambassador is the best person to speak on President Duterte’s behalf. After all he is the official mouth-piece of the government and the chief channel of communication between the sending and receiving state.