Pang-oran tilt fires off today

Punong Lakan Garitony Carlos Nicolas  CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Punong Lakan Garitony Carlos Nicolas CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

True to its mission of promoting arnis, the Philippines’ national martial art and sport, the Modern Arnis Mano-Mano Filipino Martial Arts (MAMFMA) will be holding the Duelo Y Mano: Arnis KickBoxing Pang-oran Tournament at 9 a.m. today at YawYan Kampilan gym in Pandacan, Manila.

“My mission is to promote and provide knowledge about this sport and for it to be recognized worldwide,” said MAMFMA founder Punong Lakan Garitony Carlos Nicolas. The tournament will be held in cooperation with STIX arnis equipment and YawYan Kampilan under the leadership of Maestro Rennie Ross.

The tournament features seven exciting matches including the main bout between Filipino Michael Catindig and Belgian Frederic Bertrand. Pang-oran is a new martial sport integrating arnis weapons fighting and kickboxing.

“Being new to Arkibos [arnis kickboxing]as a foreigner that came over to the Philippines to discover FMA, I discovered Arkibos and was seduced by the concept. I had little time to prepare for the encounter. The encounter itself will definitely let me acquire some experience,” said Bertrand.

“Of course I want to end victorious but I’m also prepared to get lessons out of a defeat. Because this will eventually also lead to a victory in the next encounter,” he added.

The other featured matches are Renanto Gazo of RRK vs Dave Angeles Ochava of Baxafra Armor, Mark Tindungan vs Malik Miranda, John Carreon of Sandata Kamao vs Rey Garcia of Golden Boys, Jonah Geronimo of Sandata Kamao vs Macky Boy de Paz of MAMFMA, Paul Michael Deduya of RRK vs Crizaldo Ardiente, and Jay Ar Cagulda of Golden Boys vs Clark Henry de Paz.

“The fans can expect a new style of arnis competition. The traditional arnis tournament only consists of one stick and awarded a point with a one clean hit. In arkibos, it’s a combination of arnis stick fighting and kickboxing,” said Nicolas.

Serving as match referees and judges are Junar Vidal, Maan Vergara, Rogelio Vasquez, Ronaldo Baxafra, Ken Magno, Jemn Baxafra, Ever Quine, Mizha de Guzman and Mario Mariano.



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