• Pangasinan mayor orders Muslims out of Urdaneta


    URDANETA CITY, Pangasinan: Mayor Amadeo Gregorio Perez 4th has ordered the clearing of the city of all Muslim residents, giving them three weeks to leave Urdaneta in the wake of his intensified campaign against illegal drugs.

    The mayor announced the bold step during the flag-raising ceremony on Monday and instructed barangay (village) officials and the police to enforce the order.

    Supt. Marcelino Desamito, city police chief, was also ordered to monitor all hotels and restaurants here after reports said these establishments were being used in illegal drug activities.

    He requested the Sangguniang Panlungsod to enact an urgent ordinance stopping the entry of Muslims, either to rent a house or stay in hotels or inns in the city.

    The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has identified the drug-infested villages where the Muslims reside–Poblacion, Pinmaludpud, Camantiles, San Vicente, Bayaoas, Anonas, Dilan Paurido, Nancayasan, and Nancamaliran East and West.

    Citing a police report that was confirmed by the PDEA chief, retired general Isidro Lapeña, Perez disclosed that at least 84 percent of more than 5,000 Muslim residents here aged 12 years old and above, are into drug peddling.

    The report said that most of the crimes—murder, summary execution, robbery and rape—are also related to drugs allegedly being sold like candy by the Muslim drug pushers in the city.

    Perez urged owners of apartments and houses being rented by the Muslims to serve them eviction notice, with warning that their business permits will be canceled if they ignore the order.

    He admitted that his decision maybe abrasive but said it was the only way to stop the proliferation of illegal drugs here.

    The mayor said he realizes that the order will have an effect on the economy of the city as some of them are engaged in legal businesses and paying taxes.

    City Election Officer Miguel Bautista told The Manila Times that more than 3,000 Muslim are registered voters and some of them are serving as barangay officials in some of the 34 villages here.

    The City Treasurer’s office also confirmed that more than 400 dry goods stalls in the malls and the public markets that are rented or owned by Muslims businessmen.

    Meanwhile, two leaders of Urdaneta City Muslim Association (UCMA)–Auman Bayabao and Rinador Badron–said their group started packing their things with their children to relocate to another place in Pangasinan.

    City Schools Division Supt. Gloria Torres have said they were willing to issue certificate of transfer to students from the Muslim community who will be affected by the eviction.

    Residents of the Muslim compound in Barangay Camantiles last week voluntarily demolished their more than 200 houses upon orders of Perez to end speculations that he was coddling suspected drug pushers in the area.

    Clearing operation by the police and PDEA last Friday uncovered a tunnel in an abandoned house believed to be use by suspected drug pushers and kidnappers.

    The house was owned by the family of Tom Lomabao, who was killed in June 2013.

    Lomabao, according to Badron, is the alleged leader of a gun-for-hire syndicate in Pangasinan and affiliated with a kidnapping group operating in Metro Manila and Cavite, Rizal, Laguna and Batangas provinces.


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    1. Hindi ito totoo, Mr. Jaime Aquino.. Saan mo kinuha ang source mo tungkol dito sa report na to? Hindi mo nga naiintervew si Mayor Bobom Perez eh. Nako, nasa media ka pa naman. Research first and gather solid evidence against him. Tsk tsk, puro ka kuda wala ka namang basis at evidences tungkol dito sa sinulat mo. Pssh

      • Ano ba talaga ang tunay na ngyari? we would like to know the real situation the dilemma in urdaneta and other place in Pangasinan hoping that you can give us certain word that these media man his surname Aquino never interviewed the mayor? how about in other place in Pangasinan the two house was burnt said to be own by a drug pushers and again said no person inside it was already abandoned how true is these? we muslims hate person engaged in Illegal Drugs which is forbidden… Ibrahim

    2. You people need to go there and observe the activities before you say anything. If you never been there, please go to that place and observe for at least a week so that you know what are you talking about. Thank You.

    3. Kong sino ang involve sa drugs yon ang hulihin at mananagot. Hindi naman lahat Na Muslim napadpad sa Urdaneta ay involve sa drugs. Some of them do business. Alam ko dyan umalis yan sa Mindanao kasi magulo ang lugar nila.

    4. Hindi naman lahat ng Muslim sa Urdaneta ay drug pusher. They do business. I my self buy some items if ill Go to Their store. Dapat ang hulihin yong may ginawa. They are Filipino like us. Some of them hard worker people. Ka kayod parang mabuhay na marangal.

    5. Allister Geonanga on

      This is absolutely ridiculous. As a person from outside the Philippines this does NOT make me proud to be Filipino.

      Relgion has NOTHING to do with drugs.

      This man is insane.

    6. What a baseless and idiot measure. A matured person must think deeply, look up side down and consider the negative consequences before making a decision. So shocking! knowing a person to be MATURED but PREMATURED instead…Don’t make use Muslims in your locality as a defense mechanism of your weak leadership in eradicating drug trades in your area should there be more as you believed. Having that pronouncement is a crystal clear of a weak leadership. It signifies that you did nothing even to lessen the widespread of drug trading. Without the pressing order of Pres. Digong, you remain silent to the fire burning your home.

    7. The house was owned by the family of Tom Lomabao, who was killed in June 2013.
      Lomabao, according to Badron, is the alleged leader of a gun-for-hire syndicate in Pangasinan and affiliated with a kidnapping group operating in Metro Manila and Cavite, Rizal, Laguna and Batangas provinces.

      Please clarify if Tom Lomabao is a Muslim or Not?

      • Even my self need to clarify the REal Name of Tom Lomabao…This is the problems of Muslim using Aliases when they are in other places in the Philippines, Please donnot allow muslim introducing names which sound christian what is better for Muslim is to Give their Real Name with atleast aliases when the are ask their neck name… Sana po sa mga muslim brethren huwag po tayo mag bigay na pangalan na may alias kasi po na experience ko when I am studying in Manila somebody is looking for michael and said to be a maranao and muslim and sagot ko hindi ko alam at walang nakatirang muslim dito na michael but in reality alam ko yong tinutukoy noong ng described but I am not stupid enough to sy na alam ko. Paki kwento po nyo ako kung anong talagang ngyari dyan sa urdaneta Pangasinan…

      • Arrain Amilhasan on

        First I want to make one thing clear. Muslims are called Muslims because they are surrender to the will of ALLAHu subhana hu wa ta’ala which is to be a good person, moral, responsible, law abiding, to be kind to fellowman muslims and non muslim alike, to help others in need and stay away from evil deeds. In other words those criminal have no right to be labeled as Muslims for they have not surrendered to the will of ALLAH but they surrender to the will of the Devil. Can we call someone a LAWYER if he did not go to LAW school and passed the BAR? Can you call someone a DOCTOR if what he does is build furniture and houses? Do we call someone a carpenter if what he does is catch fish in the sea? Stop calling these criminals Muslims for they are not. Muslims are not criminals and criminals are not Muslims but evil people.

    8. Has anyone seen this before?
      Of course you have —- in Nazi Germany with the Jews.
      This is discrimination at its worst. This is a Muslim Kristalnacht.
      The mayor wants to evict and displace all the Muslims from the town? Woman and children too? Where will they go? Out on the road?
      What’s next — Muslim concentration camps?

    9. Punish a whole section of people bound by a common religion, rather than focus on the criminals who are the true transgressors? What a misguided -and hopefully illegal – action.

    10. Mayor, identify those Muslims involved in drugs and file cases against them Huwag naman lahatin hindi na yan makatarungan. Correction mga kabayan, Muslim is not a race.It refers to a people practicing Islam.

    11. Kristyano ako pero di tama na magpalayas ka ng mga muslim jan sa place niyo, dapat nga ikaw ang umalis di sila. Di dahil muslim sila ee drug dealer/pusher na! Tsk.

    12. Where is the freedom of abode?
      Consult your lawyers first, Mayor. ?

      And for the writer of this article, please know your facts straight. Firstly, My Father’s name is ‘Rinabor’. Not Rinador. Next, never did my father mention that his group was starting to pack their things with their children to relocate to another place here in Pangasinan, because my knows how to exercise our rights. Where did you get your info. By the way?! And lastly, are you really a journalist? Coz if you are, then maybe you’re already aware of the legal liability you might face for publishing an article like this.

      Coz, You’re negatively impacting the reputation of all Muslims residing here in Urdaneta City. That includes me and my family… Search the word ‘DEFAMATION’ and absorb it. ?

    13. I think not all of them why all of them perish. Punished only persons who are involved. Only drug dealer and other lawless element.

    14. If I were to apply the same logic (or the lack thereof), since I couldn’t tell apart a narco-politician from a clean one, let’s just assume all politicians are involved in drugs, thus, they must surrender or a shoot to kill order be issued in 24 hrs. Please have our beloved mayor on the top of the list.

    15. Bakit kaya di pa xa sumusuko eh involved dn naman xa.. Pki lifestyle check nga ang mayor na yan..

    16. Muslims, specifically, pushing drugs?
      Then push the muslims, right? It’s not a religeous thing.
      Comming off serious drugs can be really really horrible.
      I expect the same is for a whole country? What did you expect?
      A family safe Disney show? A whole country is trying to come
      off drugs. I would pretty much expect a massacre. Blood much.
      Cut that filth out of you! But.. Remember every drug dealer
      or user you shoot dead… They could have been a post man
      or community service guy. A wife… Yes they fight back so
      it’s hard to be extremely careful and not a machette medic.
      Cutting the curse of drugs out of you is very painful.
      There is no.. easy or painless way.
      Did you, the press, excpect surgical precision?
      Then as usual you are small minded, one sided and naive.
      The miserable junk you press push around every day is enough
      to bump the sale of drugs worldwide. No?


      Reacting to the report, Hataman said: “We would like to believe that this isn’t true, because this is nothing but discrimination.”

      He called it “unthinkable that there are local government officials who would rather take action based on prejudice instead of evidence, and would blindly uproot families from their homes rather than address the root of criminality itself.”

      Hataman condemned the “mindless acts that are clearly prejudiced against our Muslim brothers and sisters, especially when these violate their constitutionally protected and fundamental human rights, including their right to life and liberty, to be secure in their persons, and to freely practice their religion as Filipinos of faith.”

      While acknowledging the necessity of government’s efforts to stamp out drugs, Hataman stressed “this does not give any official the license to abuse his authority and go beyond the rule of law, not to mention the bounds of reason and common sense, especially when it leads to human rights violations.”

      He said his invitation to the Urdaneta officials to dialogue is “to ensure that our Muslim brothers and sisters will not be treated like criminals simply because of their faith, and that they will not be treated unfairly at any point during the course of the national and local government’s campaign against illegal drugs.”

      At the same time, Hataman called on “all Muslim leaders to express their dissent when the rights of our brothers and sisters are violated and to stand together with the people in the face of oppression” should similar incidents be reported.

    18. This is against the Bill of Rights in our Constitution

      We can not apply this, “The Fault of One is the Fault of Others”

      We’ll Call 8888 to report this unusual ordinance approved by the incumbent Mayor of Urdaneta, Pangasinan

    19. This is against the Bill of Rights in our Constitution

      We can not apply this, “The Fault of One is the Fault of Others”

      We’ll Call 8888 to report this unusual ordinance approved by the incumbent Mayor of Urdaneta, Pangasinan

    20. Hindi lahat ng Muslim sa Municipio rito ay dealers of illegal drugs May ilan lang at bakit dinamay ang maraming Muslim na walang kinalaman. Karamiham diyan ay mag Law abider citizens.

      Kailangan malaman ito ni President Duterte sa pamamgitan ng 8888, para mahinto itong municipal ordinance na talagang supak sa Bill of Rights na nasa Constitution natin.

    21. Kailangan matawagan si President Duterte sa HL # 8888 at i reklamo itong Babala ng Mayor na ito na talagang agianst sa Human Rights.

      Hindi niya alam siguro ang naka lagay sa Constitution natin sa Bill of Human Rights.

      Isa pa, nasaan ngayon ang mga Human Rights Commission? Maybe, because the affected people here are Muslims, they are now silence?

    22. What happens now if have to go to Urdaneta for an official travel? what about MUSLIM tourist?

    23. Ahmad Arizala on

      Ang tindi mo magpalayas ng TAO, baka nakakalimutan mo na ang mga TAO ang nag-upo sayo at nagpapasahod sayo, kaya dapat lang bigyan mo sila ng tamang serbisyo. Alam naming lahat na mga Muslim na bawal o haram ang DRUGS, ngayon kung sinoman TAO ang involve dito, MUSLIM o DEMONYO dapat matagal mo ng kinasuhan. Halatadong nag mamagaling ka lang!. At wag mo nilalahat ang mga Muslim sa Urdaneta dahil marami rin dyan mga Muslim mas puti sa budhi mo.

      Alhamdulillah!. Payo lang Mayor.

    24. Banning muslims from a city is a sweeping policy. It suggests that the Mayor is lazy. INstead of working slowly and hard to identify the drug pushers/dealer/lords – he sweeps the entire city of a religious group. It’s a simplistic solution – not using prudence, intelligence, care, and good governance. It’s bad governance.

    25. Karyl Factora on

      Ayan. Sige pa. Just showing the world gaano ka-assuming ang mga tao on basis of religious. We’re so much better than this. Nakakalungkot ito.

    26. deputa kang baboy na Mayor…..
      paalisin mo rin ang mg kristyano na nagbebenta ng drugs… napaka kitid ng utak mo.. hindi lahat ng muslim drug dealer at hindi lahat ng kristiano santo. parepareho lang tayo…..

      • “…a police report that was confirmed by the PDEA chief… disclosed that at least 84 percent of more than 5,000 Muslim residents here aged 12 years old and above, are into drug peddling”

        eh 84% nga daw kasi ng mga muslim sa urdaneta eh mga drug pusher eh. kaya kayo lang ang pinapaalis.

    27. Mayor….matagal nayan ginagawa ng mga syndicates na mag operates ng drug deals sa lugar mo na hindi mo pinatitigil…kung hindi pa naglinis ng kalat si DIGONG na nagbubulag bulagan ka lang o di kaya mga tauhan mo ay nakikinabang din sa operasyon….mga inosente naman ang tinama-an ng ordinansya mo. Madali lang yan linisin kung marunong ka lang. pwedi mo naman kausapin ang mga purok leaders na muslims at kausapin sila para matukoy nila kung sino sino ang gumagawa ng druga sa lugar mo and that’s it the time na paparusahan mo ang nagkasala.

    28. The effect of mayor’s ordinance to evict muslims residents in his town is a violation of constitutional rights of every individuals affected by his order. it is clearly manifestation for discrimination of religion…where is the bill of rights? “No person shall be deprive of life, property or equality with out the due process of the LAW….Mayor baka pwedi pag aralan mo mabuti ang Philippine Constitution o di kaya mga tanong ka naman sa mga abugado mo at huwag ka padalos dalos sa mga ordinances mo. if you knew the suspected drug dealers in your town bat hindi mo maparusahan at dinadamay mo ang mga inosente.

      • LOL you’re talking about bill of rights and Law when you just elected your crazy new president that has openly said things like “I don’t car about human rights”

    29. Is that so? So when I go to Urdaneta I will read the sign, “Welcome to Urdaneta, no Muslims allowed.” Change indeed has now come.

      • alienating muslim is was never been a doing of digong thus don’t include this to the change is coming motto. digong love muslims for most of his relatives and some apo’s are muslims. Mayor Perez act is a wanton disregard of human rights in our constitution. This Mayor should be shot dead.

    30. Can you just say the tribe of those people? You cannot just publish MUSLIMS and refer them to people related with drugs.Drugs are forbidden in Islam. You cannot call yourself a Muslim if you do not obey the commandments of Islam. There are a lot of CHRISTIANS residing in Lanao del Sur. And they are from different tribes such as Tagalog, Ilokano, Cebuano and etc. How would you feel if the people of Lanao do this to all CHRISTIANS in the said area? Tsk. Tsk. You should know your words before you publish them. You are a journalist for your Pete’s sake.

      • Vintage, GANYAN yata ang nangyayari sa political dynasty sa katagalan. Akala nila, kanila na ang bayan O siyudad na kung saan ay sila na ang hari. Sa kasamaang palad, may mga bobo’ng napapalinya sa mga “heir apparent”!

      • Vintage has a brilliant point.
        These poeple should have been refered to as
        drug pushers not “muslims”
        Once again we see the press milking stories for
        racist troll food, inappropriate headlines etc.
        Try not to take the bait, chap.

      • gago tong nagsulat ng banner headline e. pano kung nabasa ng mga muslim sa mindanao. tanga ang editor neto, mukhang may agenda sya na paigtingin lalo ang hidwaan ng mga muslim at kristyano at ayaw ng gagong to na magkaroon ng peaceful co-existence between muslim and christians. gusto yata neto may gulo lagi sa mindanao..siguro yung editor neto ay maraming illegal na ginagawa sa mindanao kaya ayaw nya magkaroon ng peace dun…