• PAO chief pursues fight for Cudia, faints during press briefing


    THE Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) on Thursday asked the Supreme Court (SC) to reverse its ruling upholding the dismissal of Cadet 1st Class Aldrin Cudia from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

    PAO chief Persida Rueda-Acosta, in a motion for clarification, asked the High Court to show Cudia some humani¬¬tarian consideration and order the release of his diploma because he has no means to repeat his tertiary education.

    Acosta got so emotional during a press briefing that she lost consciousness.

    “[I]n the higher interest of justice, and on equitable and humanitarian considerations, [the SC]may compel the [PMA] to award cadet Cudia with his diploma, a clean transcript of records and a bachelor of science degree, as well as other documents which may facilitate his transfer to an institution of higher learning,” she said.

    Cudia questioned the decision of Mala¬cañang in June last year affirming the ruling of the PMA and its Cadet Review and Appeals Board not to allow Cudia to join the graduation of their Siklab Diwa batch for lying.

    “Ang Diyos ay gising; pwede pong gumawa Siya ng paraan na mga mahis¬trado natin . . . ay kumurap-kurap at tumingala sa langit. Talo kami pero ‘di ako papayag; kelangan lumaban kahit man lang sa langit kami manalo (God is awake. He can find a way so that the SC magistrates can open their eyes, look up to the sky and realize why they are there. We may have lost, but we will fight, hoping that we will win in heaven),” Acosta said.

    Cudia sought mercy from the high court to include him in the list of graduates of PMA Siklab Diwa Class of 2014, including to be awarded his diploma and awards, and other benefits due a graduating cadet.

    He is also to accept the Final Investigation Report of the Commission On Human Rights (CHR) on his controversial dismissal.

    It was argued that the 2014 [PMA] Honor Committee violated the Honor Code when it refused to accept one of its members’ “not guilty” verdict on Cudia’s case.

    Cudia asked the SC to include him in the list of the graduating class of Siklab Diwa PMA Class of 2014 when all the material requirements for his graduation shall have been completed.

    He further seeks for the submission by the PMA Cadet Review and Appeals Board of all the records of the proceedings pertaining to his case.

    In the complete set of his transcript of record, and it shows that Cudia notched several “100” grades in his Conduct subjects in the PMA and ma¬jority of his grades from 1st year to 4th year were in the line of 90s and above.


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