• PAO retirees seek release of benefits


    The Public Attorneys Office (PAO) on Tuesday slammed Budget Secretary Florencio Abad for blocking the retirement benefits of retired government lawyers and treating them like “second class lawyers and citizens.”

    About 40 PAO retirees asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) on Tuesday to give fangs to the full implementation of PAO law or RA 9406.

    PAO chief Persida Rueda-Acosta met with Justice Secretary Emmanuel Caparas to ask him to give the benefits of sick, dying and aging PAO retirees.

    “It is the right of the PAO retirees to receive their benefits. What we are asking is the full implementation of the PAO law,” Acosta told reporters.

    PAO questioned a legal opinion issued by the Budget department which she said contradicts the PAO law.

    “The DBM cannot suddenly reverse itself through an alleged DBM Legal Opinion belatedly issued, when it previously allowed our contribution to the GSIS to be decreased for about six years or since May 2010, thereby treating us as SPECIAL MEMBERS of the GSIS with the advent of RA 10071,” she said.

    In a manifesto, the PAO retirees decried Abad’s attempt to block the release of their benefits.

    They insisted that under the new law, PAO retirees shall receive equal benefits to what prosecutors are receiving under the National Prosecution Service.


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