PAO wants school officials arrested for ‘defective’ certificate


The Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) on Monday insists on the arrest of Santo Niño Parochial School (SNPS) officials for issuing a “defective” Certificate of Good Moral Character to a high school salutatorian, who was stopped by school personnel from delivering her speech in March 2015. Krisel Mallari, represented by PAO Chief Persida Rueda-Acosta, cited in a motion that SNPS and school registrar Yolanda Casero has issued a “conditional Certificate of Good Moral Character,” which in effect does not fully comply with the order of the Court of Appeals. With the conditional certificate of that was issued, Krisel still cannot pursue her studies at the University of Santo Tomas.


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  1. Roberto Acepcion Jr. on

    i agree with Gabriela Silang. Is there a law that dictates the contents of a certificate issued by a private organization? Just what is a “defective” certificate? If a person has a loan from a loan company, and he/she requests a certificate about his/her liabilities, can the person dictate what the certificate should contain? That he/she does not have a loan? Do you think the issuer (loan company) will agree to the person’s request? Does Krisel have the right to dictate what the school should put in the certificate? Because of her unacceptable and unsatisfactory behavior, the certificate should not be titled “Certificate of Good Moral Character”. Instead, it should be a certificate of behavior.

  2. Gabriela Silang on

    Atty Acosta and PAO… sino na nga yung huli ninyong binuyo na magreklamo sa supreme court because his school will not release his official transcript record of as a graduate at ano na ang nangyari sa kanya? Was he able to enter UP Law School desp[ite him p[assing the entrance test? You know very well that krisel mallari has done something wrong with regards to school policies. Whether what she is fighting for is right or wrong, krisel mallari broke the rule of the school. Does that constitute a n endorsement of a GOOD moral character??? Besides, if I know USTe — they will think 77 times before accepting such a controversila student…WHO DOES NOT EVEN FOLLOW SIMPLE RULES

    • Kaya nakagraduate yung bata dahil sumunod sya sa rule ng school ang hindi masikmura ng bata ay ang pagkakaroon ng kurapsyon sa kanilang school sa pagpili ng Valedictorian, Anu ang iyong nilabag kung karapatan mong magsalita? CA already told na bigyan sya ng Certificate pero anu ginawa ng school? sumunod ba? “normal” ba yung certificate na binigay dun sa bata?