• Papa welcomes PSL participation in BPinoy


    Philippine Swimming League (PSL) President Susan Papa has welcomed the idea of participating in the Batang Pinoy and Philippine National Games (PNG) both organized by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).

    PSC Chairman Ricardo Garcia said the Batang Pinoy and the PNG are open to all potential athletes as the commission aims to discover fresh talents for future international competitions.

    “We are thankful to PSC Chairman Garcia for opening the doors for us to compete in PSC-POC-sanctioned competitions such as Batang Pinoy and PNG. The PSL is also grateful for letting us use the swimming facility at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. This is the beginning of democratic, progressive, responsive and effective approach in sports,” said Papa.

    The Batang Pinoy is a 15-under event while the PNG is a senior-level tournament which serves as a tryout to national team aspirants.

    “All we want is to democratize swimming. We patiently waited that under the PSL program we come up with swimmers that can qualify in the POC-sanctioned meets in international and local competitions. This is something factual especially swimming is a measurable sport,” added Papa.

    The PSL chief named a few potential PSL swimmers including Sean Terence Zamora of University of Santo Tomas, who bagged eight gold medals in the Royal Bangkok Meet in Thailand, and McTracy Alindogan, winner of eight golds in the Cape Town Swim Gala in South Africa.

    “Zamora started with PSL monthly competition program. The progress is very clear. After four years, he improved tremendously, breaking a 10-year-old national junior record in two events.

    “We have other swimmers as good and as improved as Zamora. Because of the success of PSL grassroots developmental program, the reality is we swimmers better than the swimmers from the other group [Philippine Swimming Incorporated],” said Papa.

    The PSL is not receiving financial aid from the government, according to Papa.

    “This will be an eye opener to all of us Filipinos that we never lose hope even there is no financial support from the government, we can even help the government by not being a burden and rather do what you can do for our country.

    “We can help the government making the citizenry healthy by swimming. Help young kids especially the less fortunate go to swimming and get them into scholarship. So many things to help the state out of swimming,” stressed Papa.

    Papa also reiterated that she’s not aiming for a position in the national swimming association (PSI). “All I want is that the NSA be open to every swimmers and no membership requirements.”


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