A parent-of-influence against celebrity daughter’s choice of hubby


    This well-known personality (WKP) was guarded like a hawk by the person designated as guardian by the parent of influence (POI) since she was little.

    As the girl grew up and made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, the guardian took it upon herself to be WKP’s all-around staff cum shoulder-to-cry-on.

    Until WKP was entangled in a relationship with a debonair model-actor (DMA) that made POI mad to the high heavens, somehow blaming the guardian how the precious little princess was able to escape tight guarding.

    “It was not that he was against DMA per se. It was because of the DMA’s family background,” someone in the know said of this “little secret.”

    The informant revealed the DMA’s father was actually the driver of his mother’s family before they got together, so POI thought that he was just using his little princess as a stepping-stone to fame.

    “Social climber, gold-digger,” was the accusation against DMA, said the source.

    However, since the relationship led to marriage and resulted to a progeny, POI had no choice but accept what fate made out of his little princess. He must be happy where he is now especially of the reunion of the once love struck couple, albeit just in business sense.


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