• Parents of another Dengvaxia ‘victim’ seek justice


    SHE may have been laid to rest but parents of Abbie Hedia, suspected to be a victim of Dengvaxia, vowed not to rest until those responsible for administering the anti-dengue vaccine on hundreds of thousands of school children are taken to court.

    According to Dante Jimenez, chairman of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), the parents of Abbie are appealing to President Rodrigo Duterte for justice. They are demanding that those responsible for the death of their child be charged and punished.

    Abby, a 13-year-old student who was inoculated with Dengvaxia in November 2017, died on February 10, days after developing a fever.

    Based on the death certificate issued by the Office of the Civil Registrar General, the immediate cause of death was septic shock, with viral encephalitis stated as the antecedent cause, and acute gastroenteritis with severe dehydration as the underlying cause.

    Abbie’s mother Ruby however was convinced that the death of her daughter has something to do with the anti-dengue vaccine which was given to her under the anti-dengue immunization program of the Department of Health (DOH)

    “Where is the DOH when the parents of the victims are in pain for losing their child? They are the reason why Abby was vaccinated in the first place,” said Jimenez, quoting the parents.

    Jimenez echoed the sentiments of the parents and called on Health Secretary Francisco Duque 3rd to listen to them and join the grieving parents.

    He said the DoH is responsible for the mass immunization of children and yet not a single official of the department has been seen during Abby’s wake.

    “I again I ask Sec. Duque to please tell your people to come empathize with the victims and be pro-victims,” Jimenez added.

    The VACC head noted that Duque was already the secretary of health when Abbie was inoculated with Dengvaxia, making him also responsible because he allowed the vaccination program to continue.

    The parents of Abbie’s classmates are also bothered and fearful because their children also received the vaccine, Jimenez said.

    The anti-dengue immunization program started in 2016 during the time of former president Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Jimenez said Health officials allowed the vaccine to be administered on children without informing their parents about the possible side effects of Dengvaxia.


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