• ‘Paris Climate Agreement not perfect, can be improved’


    In celebration of World Environment Day, Sen. Loren Legarda urged the government and the public to commit to the directives of Paris Climate Change Agreement at a forum held in Quezon City on Monday.
    “The Paris Agreement is not perfect but it can be improved,” she said.

    After US President Donald Trump confirmed withdrawal from the treaty, Legarda, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Climate Change, Finance and Foreign Relations, said developed countries would be able to effectively reduce their carbon emissions through the agreement.

    Former senator Heherson Alvarez also on Monday said Trump is an “isolated negative force for destruction which does not represent the interest of the American people much less of humanity.”

    The US leader’s stand has not diminished the strength of the global movement to save the earth but has, in fact, solidified and clarified the direction of the movement, he added.

    Alvarez, chairman of the Climate Institute Advisory Board and founder of Earthsavers UNESCO Dream Center, said climate change can be managed.

    Despite the US pullout from the Paris Agreement, according to Legarda, other countries like the Philippines must continue to forge ahead and ignore those who “do not see the light.”

    “Our lives do not hinge on the decision of one unenlightened individual… let us forge ahead and do what’s good for our people,” she said.

    The United States is the world’s second biggest contributor of greenhouse emission.

    “If the whole USA does not join the agreement or completely withdraws, and they do not mitigate their carbon emissions, there will be an effect on our targets,” Legarda said.

    During the forum, the senator pointed out that adaptation and mitigation of carbon emission were the two most effective factors of caring for nature.



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